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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3 to launch in January?

Not interested in Windows Mobile-powered XPERIA X2 that should lift off in January? How does the simultaneous January launch of the Android-powered XPERIA X3 sound? Don’t bet on it actually happening, but rumor has it the X3 may launch in January, side-by-side with its Microsoft-powered cousin. Odd that Sony would announce the X2, keep quiet on the X3, and then launch them both at the same time. Appropriately, we’re extremely skeptical at best. Of course we would love nothing more than to see the X3 hit the streets as soon as possible though, so we’ll go ahead and cross out fingers just in case. Two high-profile Sony Ericsson smartphone releases in the same month would be a hell of a way to kick off 2010, that’s for sure.