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RIM recruiting iPhone developer


Yes, you read the headline correctly. According to an internal job listing that happened to make its way into the public arena, RIM is looking for a developer that is well versed in iPhone application development. The company seems very hesitant to go into details, even on an internal listing board. Here’s an excerpt:

“If you’re a pro at developing software for MAC’s then this it the position for you. It’s a new development team at RIM, so you’re getting in a the very early stages when joining this team.”

So much for remaining confidential, but RIM is clearly up to something here. What is clear, however, is that they’re recruiting someone who is good with both Cocoa and Objective C, Javascript, XML, and more. “Mac OS X exposure (end user, administrator, developer)” is also listed as a requisite requirement. Given the specifics of the listing, we here at BGR think that RIM is looking to do one of three things. They’re either trying to develop Desktop-based Mac OS software to communicate with BlackBerrys , assembling a team to reverse engineer the iPhone touchscreen as they move towards developing their own touch-based device, or they’re looking to develop a version of BlackBerry Connect for the iPhone. Any other guesses out there?

[Via AppleInsider]


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