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Here are the OnePlus One’s 5 coolest features

OnePlus One Best Features

The OnePlus One, a hot new Android phone that comes with CyanogenMod preinstalled, has generated a lot of buzz this spring among Android diehards who want an alternative to the Galaxy S5 or the HTC One (M8). For the unconverted, however, the question remains as to why you should choose the OnePlus One over the other more widely known alternatives. Thankfully, a new video put together by Marques Brownlee will give you some answers about what makes the OnePlus One special by breaking down five of the new device’s coolest features.

In the video, Brownlee walks us through the OnePlus One’s modified Android camera that makes it easier to take panoramic shots and add Instagram-like photo filters to pictures and videos; the built-in Screencast app that will let you record all of the actions that you take on your device’s screen, which should make it much easier to do mobile app and mobile game demonstration videos; the Themes Showcase app that gives you additional customization options that you previously had to root your phone to acquire; the ability to turn on-screen buttons on and off so you can open up more screen real estate; and new capabilities that let you easily add more settings to your Quick Settings menu.

The full video is worth checking out and can be found below.

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