It’s almost impossible to find the right pair of earphones. They’re either too large, too small or just an odd fit, but Normal wants to change all that. With Normal’s 3D printed earphones, you can buy a product that contours perfectly to your weird ears, no matter the size or shape. Simply download the Normal app (available on Android and iOS), take pictures of your ears, customize your Normals and press send.

Speaking with TechCrunch, Nikki Kaufman, founder of Normal, says that custom headphones would typically cost thousands of dollars and take weeks to build and ship. Normals, on the other hand, cost $199 and will be out of the factory within 48 hours.

“When we set out to make Normal we wanted not just an amazing brand, and an amazing fit and a product that you design, but one that sounds incredible,” says Kaufman. “Anyone would really appreciate that sound. We went out to find the best components we could find and it’s about the engineering too… how it’s engineered and manufactured. Because of the 3d printed custom fit, it’s creating a seal for you which makes it sound that much better.”

If you’d like your own pair of Normals, you can order on the mobile app today, but the company is planning to open a brick-and-mortar store in August. Watch the very strange video introduction to Normal below.

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