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Nokia N81 8GB now available

…in Europe, that is. This is just another chapter in the endless disappointments afforded to American wireless aficionados, but we can still feel a bit of vicarious hatred joy for our European friends, right? Nokia has just announced that the N81 8GB handset is now shipping. This phone is the cornerstone of the company’s new N-Gage mobile gaming platform, and presents a formidable alternative to the upcoming European iPhone release. The handset is not cheap, however, with the 8GB version running 430 Euros. Yikes! You can do away with the 8 gigs of storage in favor of a microSD slot, which should save you about 70 Euros. 8 GBs for 70 Euros is quite a steal, though, so if it was up to us we’d certainly opt for the more expensive of the bunch. The N81 is currently scheduled to come to our side of the pond, but no release date or price has been announced.


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