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New HTC Mogul ROM leaked

Are you a Sprint HTC Mogul owner that has been lusting after new functionality for your sorely crippled device? Have you been considering making the jump to the Sprint Mogul, but find yourself holding back due to the lack of supported GPS and EV-DO Rev. A? Your day in the sun is soon to arrive. A new ROM version has leaked to the general population, promising unfettered GPS support, EV-DO Rev. A action, and a bit more. Yes! While it would have been nice to have these feature when the device launched last Spring, better late than never, right? Keep in mind that this is a beta version of the ROM, and as such shows no indication of actual commerical release. That said, if you’re brave enough it looks like most of the features are working well enough to make the beta jump relatively painless. Happy yet? Yeah, we thought so.


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