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MLB doesn’t like Sling Box

You know that disclaimer at the beginning of every major televised sporting event, prohibiting reproduction for public or private use? It looks like it’s not just legal posturing after all. Major League Baseball, purveyors of America’s pastime, is considering a lawsuit against Sling Media of Sling Box fame. Michael Mellis, lawyer for the MLB, spoke with the The Hollywood Reporter and expressed concern of Sling’s ability to record and time/placeshift content, particularly as it pertains to MLB games. While no legal action is imminent MLB is reserving the right to bring suit in the near future. There’s no question that using your Sling Box to rebroadcast games for anyone except the owner of the Box and the cable agreement is in violation of copyright laws, but is it really productive for MLB to pursue this type of legal action? The risk of fan backlash is always high. Is this a classic case of big business trying to quell an unstoppable force, or does MLB have a point here?

[Via Crave]


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