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Video: Man spent 6 months and $1,500 to make a sandwich completely from scratch

Making A Sandwich From Scratch

In today’s modern world littered with sandwich shops galore, it’s easy to take for granted how easily and quickly we can just pop into a store and walk out with a delicious sandwich for just $5. With so many food options at are disposal, it’s similarly easy to forget how insanely difficult and expensive it would be for us to truly try and create our own meals from scratch.

Now sure, we’ve all made a sandwich from scratch with items we’ve picked up from a grocery store, but it’s an entirely different ballgame when you’re making a sandwich completely from scratch. We’re talking about growing your own vegentables, milking a cow for milk, making your own bread, making your own cheese, and even going so far as to killing a chicken yourself.

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In an illustrative video which highlights how truly great we all have it, Andy George of How to Make Everything went back to basics and decided to see how long it would take and how much it would cost to completely make a chicken sandwich with cheese from scratch.

The time involved? A whopping 6 months. The cost? An astounding $1,500. And lest you think it sounds easy, The Atlantic encapsulates the entire ordeal as follows:

Making the sandwich requires George to, among other things: grow his own vegetables, milk a cow (for the cheese), evaporate ocean water (for the salt), collect his own honey, grow and then grind his own wheat, preserve his own pickles, and slaughter/de-feather/butcher/cook a chicken.

The chicken killing portion of the video below might be a bit jarring for some, so think carefully before you hit play. Also note that George’s YouTube channel has more in-depth footage of each step involved, so make sure to check that out if you’re interested in a particular portion of the process.

So the next time you complain about Jimmy John’s or some other sandwich shop skimping on the meat, you might want to remember how easy you really have it.

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