The terrifying picture above is a blister beetle photographed with a Macroscopic Solutions Macropod. The company’s website describes its product as “a rigid, portable photomacrography system, which allows the user to make razor sharp, fully focused photographs of small sized specimens at 18 to 26-megapixel resolution.”

What the Macropod can do is take multiple three-dimensional images, merge them together, and create a single ultra-hi-def image using its software.

Macroscopic Solutions’ website goes into specific detail regarding what the Macropod can to do:

[Macropod] overcomes the extreme Depth of Field (DOF) limitations inherent in optics designed to image smaller specimens. Normally, lenses designed for macro will only render a very small fraction of the depth of targeted specimen in sharp focus at any one exposure. The Macropod allows the user to select and make multiple exposures in precise increments along the Z-axis (depth) such that each exposure’s area of sharp focus overlaps with the previous and next exposure.

These source images are then transferred to a computer and merged by an image-stacking program. The stacking program finds and stitches together only the focused pixels from each exposure into one image.

Check out what this technology can do below in these stunning images:

Looking at the images above, the Macropod offers impressive technology for avid photographers. You can check out the rest of the photos over at Gizmodo, and check out the Macropod on the Macroscopic Solutions website.

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