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Live from HTC’s London Press Event!

Published May 6th, 2008 5:58AM EDT

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Alright, people! We’ve touched down in London and we’re starting to head to HTC’s special press event. We’ll update this shortly from the venue.  

11:16 AM: We’re still waiting…

11:20 AM: Only a small amount of people here…not including the 100 HTC employees, of course.

11:30 AM: Still waiting…looks like there is a delay.

11:39 AM: A lot more press peeps just showed up — not our kind — the traditional media folks.

11:45 AM: Looks like it’s the HTC Touch Diamond. No surprises here. The goodie bags all say “HTC Touch Diamond”.

11:49 AM: Finally they are letting press in!

11:50 AM: We’ve pretty much confirmed Android will not be making an appearance here. Mmm.

11:52 AM: We’re seated. Cheesy music playing.

12:01 PM: HTC CEO Peter Chou is on stage.

12:02 PM: He’s introducing some VP’s.

12:03 PM: “More than 3 million HTC Touchs sold.”

12:04 PM” “Phones are difficult to use. You sometimes have to press 20 buttons.”

12:07 PM: HTC Touch Diamond. 4GB internal memory.

12:09 PM: It has a 3D animated touchscreen experience

12:10 PM: “More emotion.”

12:11 PM: “Breakthrough in innovation.” The HTC Touch Diamond has HSDPA/HSDPU

12:13 PM: It’s a “perfect form factor. Not too big, not too small.”

12:15 PM: He just said the design is museum-worthy. We’ll be the judge of that, fella.

12:16 PM: Showing off the phone’s interface now.

12:17 PM: Looks like HTC heavily customized the interface.

12:18 PM: This is actually pretty cool. We’re getting excited.

12:20 PM: Well, there’s definitely an accelorometer in here!

12:22 PM: Here’s what we’ve been waiting for — the internet browsing…

12:23 PM: This definitely doesn’t look like Pocket Internet Explorer. You can touch content in the browser and it comes up in almost a text editor for easier reading.

12:24 PM: Sort of like Mobile Safari, in a way.

12:24 PM: Web browser also rotates when device is tilted.

12:25 PM: HTC worked with Google to deveop a “killer YouTube experience.” One touch YouTube access. Scroll through videos like the iPhone with elastic scrolling. Nice, it has  VGA display and YouTube looks awesome.

12:26 PM: Marketing spin: “HTC Touch Diamond is Just Like Your Life.” What, sad and lonely?

12:28 PM: Vice President of HTC Europe speaking now. The phone will be available through all key operating partners. All 5 main networks in the U.K. — wow.

12:29 PM: Available in Europe and Asia in June. Rest of the world is later this year. What. In. The. Hell?

12:30 PM: “Operator-specific versions will be coming and will have key services and features from each specific partner.” They’re talking about the ability to work with they’re partners, etc.

12:31 PM: “Unique Orange Flavor.” Executive VP of Orange taking the stage now. He just said “a truely cool and exciting device.”

12:34 PM: Orange TV with 61 channels will be available on Touch Diamond. This is getting really boring.

12:36 PM: Peter Chou is back on stage.

12: 37 PM: Peter just said HTC screws up sometimes but they work hard to try and improve.

12:40 PM: HTC Touch Diamond is the first device to launch with Windows Mobile 6.1

12:42 PM: The new head of Microsoft Mobile Communications, Andy Lee, is on stage.

12:43 PM: 11 million Windows Mobile devices sold last year, blah blah.

12:44 PM: Oh my god. We came all the way here for one phone. Where is my slide-out keyboard, damn it!

12:45 PM: Peter Chou – “I believe the HTC Touch Diamond will change how people interact with their phone.”

12:46 PM: Think they are wrapping it up now. Nope. Question time!

12:47 PM: Someone just asked the Microsoft dude why Opera was used as the browser on the Touch Diamond. He said because Windows Mobile browser 6 is coming soon and isn’t done yet. “It will be the richest mobile browser experience.” Yeah, whatevz dude!

12:50 PM: People are asking about iPhone comparisons and texting and the keyboard. Touchscreen keyboard! Come on, guys! No 3.5mm headset jack. It still used the USB jack. Wack.

12:53 PM: An “8-21% improvement in battery life with Windows Mobile 6.1.” Uh, what kind of range is that, people?

12:54 PM: Aaaaand the lights went out. Think it’s over.

12:55 PM: Wow a 900mAh battery. That will last a good 6 minutes.

12:56 PM: Price point? Too early to tell…based on operator.

1:00 PM: That’s it! On to the demo.

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