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iTunes Radio is popular but not even close to a ‘Pandora killer’

March 11th, 2014 at 8:45 PM
iTunes Radio Vs. Spotify Vs. Pandora

It hasn’t taken very long for Apple’s iTunes Radio to rise up in popularity. Via MacRumors, a new survey of American consumers conducted by Edison Research and Statista has found that iTunes Radio is now the third-most popular music streaming service and has leapt ahead of Spotify. Overall, the survey found that 8% of people surveyed said that they’d listened to iTunes Radio within the last month, more than the 6% who said that they’d listened to Spotify and the 3% who said they’d listened to Google Play All Access.

However, iTunes Radio still faces a big gap with Pandora, which still reigns as the king of music streaming services. According to Edison Research and Statista, a whopping 31% of people surveyed said they’d used Pandora within the last month, a truly astonishing figure given that just 9% of people surveyed said they’d listened to iHeartRadio, the second-most popular music streaming service.

Statista’s chart showing the popularity of all major music streaming services follows below.

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