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Here’s why the iPhone 6 Plus is a better phablet than the Galaxy Note 4

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 4

One of the most entertaining developments in the smartphone world this year has been the introduction of the iPhone 6 Plus. When Apple first announced its oversized smartphone, Android and iPhone fans alike scoffed at the idea, likening it to an even further miniaturized iPad mini. After all, what does Apple know about phablets?

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Well, if the sales are any indication, Apple knows plenty. The combined sales of both new iPhone models have been better than any in the company’s history. Despite the imperfect transition of iOS to a 5.5-inch display (hence the addition of Reachability), the iPhone 6 Plus has received rave reviews. But how does it stack up against the king of the phablets?

On Tuesday, PhoneArena published a list of six features that can be found on the iPhone 6 Plus, but not on the Galaxy Note 4. That’s not to say one is better than the other, but for many smartphone shoppers this holiday season, these features could play a part in the decision to purchase one or the other.

The most immediately obvious difference between the two phones is the metal unibody of the iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung is moving closer to a metal design on its flagships devices, as evidenced by the Galaxy Alpha.

Another huge divide between the two phones is the display. The LCD of the iPhone 6 Plus is 30% brighter than the AMOLED display of the Note 4, and less reflective to boot.

Be sure to check out PhoneArena’s full list in the source link below for more differences between the two top phablets.

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