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How do you like your iPhone?

Published Jul 3rd, 2007 11:47AM EDT

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There is no doubt the Apple iPhone offers one of the most fun, sexiest, intuitive, and easy to use interfaces ever seen on a mobile device. But, is it really worth getting? Let’s get into that a little later. Right now here are the problems I am noticing on the device and I’m wondering if any of you are experiencing these issues too. Mind you all in all I activated 5 iPhones and we compared a lot of them, so the list below applies generally to every handset, not a malfunctioning one unless noted.

  1. When talking on the phone loudly, you can hear your voice “distorting”. I secretly kind of wish the iPhone was on the “Can you hear me now” network. Almost. 
  2. Yahoo!’s “push” email really does not work well, and definitely is not “push”. Can’t we get some Exchange love here? Sure it’s supposedly coming soon, but can’t a guy just sync his darn contacts and all that fun business stuff?
  3. Please for the love of everything holy, can we get a “Reply-To” field so we change the reply address?
  4. The SMS and email alerts are so quiet that I can barely hear them in a quiet room. Really disappointing, with no way to increase that volume.
  5. This happened on one of the iPhones, but not really on my current one, yet I thought I’d mention it anyway…When the device is “sleeping” you sometimes miss calls. This is because the network indicator will show 1 bar, or “No Service”, then when you unlock it, the bars jump up.
  6. The first iPhone I got would let me use all the functions of the phone, except it would not let me activate it in iTunes. Precisely the exact opposite of what is supposed to happen. A long call to tech support yielded no results and I ended up returning it. When connected to iTunes, instead of the activation screen, it would let me see the iPhone tab, copy music, sync contacts, etc. All the things you are able to do when the phone is activated.
  7. There are so many issues with the email program. For instance, you can’t mark all of them as “Read”, you also can’t delete more than one at a time. To add insult to injury, there isn’t an “Empty Trash” option. Look forward to deleting all those emails you just deleted painstakingly one by one, again.
  8. The activation system is not at all setup for AT&T “legacy” customers. It just tells you that more information is required, and leaves you to die in pain waiting. What we ended up doing is migrating the “Blue” account to an “Orange” account, cancelled the pending activation, and went through again. That time it worked. AT&T reps in stores for the most part know this, and that is why they ask questions, but in all honestly most of the phones are being sold at Apple stores.
  9. My battery life is definitely suspect.

All in all, I personally love the phone. Shortcomings aside, it really is easy to use, and enables the user to get things done. Assuming that’s not real, heavy, hardcore email. The lack of a file system doesn’t bother me that much, but saving pictures to memory from emails, or the web would have been nice. And the whole “Web 2.0” applications talk, really sucks. Except for JiveTalk, but I’m not supposed to mention that. Maybe you guys have trouble using some applications that were designed for the iPhone like the IM program or whatever. When you scroll, the whole window scrolls and you can’t see more than one page, right? Wrong. Just use two fingers to scroll, exactly like a MacBook baby!  That is about it. Again, I’d love to know what everyone thinks of the device, and what, if any, issues your having. On a side note, one of the reasons why AT&T stores got so few units, and were trumped by Apple stores, is because of the commission. AT&T reps make money when you activate an iPhone. What happens at the Apple store? Nothing. That whole commision goes right to Apple and AT&T. So genius. Hit us up!

UPDATE: officially works now. They added a “Go” button!

Jonathan S. Geller
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