Samsung is widely expected to launch two Galaxy S6 models in the following months, including a “regular” model and one featuring two “Edge Panels” on the sides of the main screen that will be similar to the Galaxy Note Edge (image above). Patently Mobile has discovered a design patent that was recently awarded to Samsung, and it describes such display technology for a smartphone. More interestingly, this particular design also features a surprising design element with a purpose that is far from being clear.

FROM EARLIER: Samsung teases Galaxy S6 with a ‘special’ new feature

The curved side displays extend towards the back of the phone, according to the included images, and are supposed to provide the user quick access to various apps, media controls and notifications. So far, Samsung has not used an Edge Panel design like this, with the Galaxy Note Edge’s curved display only being accessible from the front of the handset.

More interestingly, the patent proposes a strange panel placed on the top side of the handset, which could be raised and lowered by the user. The patent doesn’t explain the purpose of this design feature, and it’s not clear that this design element might be used on the Galaxy S6.

While the Galaxy S6 Edge — which is what the Galaxy S6 with dual-edge display is expected to be called — might feature a design similar to the one in the image below, Samsung has yet to confirm these strange new display features for any of its upcoming handsets.

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