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What’s This All Abooot, Eh? 10 Funny Things Canadians Say That Americans Don’t Understand

Funny Canadian Expressions

Here in America, we love our friendly neighbors to the north. We don’t always understand everything they say, but we still love them. Canada is a vast and beautiful country full of gorgeous landscapes and forests as far as the eye can see. It’s also full of fun little colloquialisms that can be very quirky to anyone outside of Canada.

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With Canada Day having been celebrated earlier this week, Business Insider put together a quick list of 35 things Canadians say that Americans just don’t understand. There are plenty of good ones on there, and we’ve picked out 10 highlights for your pleasure.

We’ve also translated them so that next time you’re on a video conference with a Canadian, you won’t need to use Skype’s real-time translation feature.

  1. Hang a larry: No, this doesn’t involve killing anyone. It simply means to make a left turn.
  2. Hang a roger: You guessed it — to make a right turn.
  3. Two-four: A case of 24 beers, even if they’re not Molsons.
  4. Garburator: Americans would call this a trash disposal.
  5. Gotch: “Tighty whities.”
  6. Bunnyhug: Saskatchewan vernacular for a hooded sweatshirt.
  7. Serviette: A napkin.
  8. Timbit: We call them donut holes or munchkins.
  9. Out for a rip: Going for a drive or any other trip.
  10. Toonie: A $2 Canadian coin.

Check out the rest of the list by following the link below in our source section.

Zach Epstein

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