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9 paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free today

Zach Epstein
May 25th, 2015 at 10:23 AM
Best Free iPhone Apps

Happy Memorial Day, BGR readers! You can celebrate the holiday with beers and a barbecue, or you can celebrate by running around to stores in your area in search of the best sales. Either way, you should also take a few minutes to browse today’s list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $0.99.

Notapad is a simple and intuitive note taking application.

– Categorize with color tag
– Select font and color
– Support bold and italic
– Support StrikeThrough
– iCloud sync

Download Notapad

Orby Widgets

Normally $2.99.

# If you use Today’s view or Notification Center on your iOS device often, Orby Widgets is an essential utility for you #

Don’t keep yourself in the dark anymore. Know all about your device in the Notification Center with beautiful, orb shaped Orby Widgets.

Orby Widgets bundles 12 widgets which includes widget for almost everyone. These widgets are –


– Conversation widget: you can pick up already initiated conversations or start a new one in many messaging services from Today’s view. With conversation widgets, you never miss an important conversation with your friends or family.

– App Launcher widget: all your favorite applications can be accessed via a single tap on an icon in Notification Center. You can either choose from many pre-defined applications list or add your own URL for quick access.

– Calculator widget: make calculations a hassle free experience, right from the Notification Center. It comes without an equal sign, so you have absolutely no chance of error.

– Speed Call widget for iPhone: now speed call upto 8 contacts and even dial numbers using the inline dialer keypad, right from the Notification Center

– Music sharing widget: Share thoughts or music on Facebook or Twitter using Music sharing widget.

– Memory widget: Know how much memory is being used and available on an iOS device.

– CPU widget: know how much CPU is idle and being used on an iOS device.

– Storage widget: know free and used storage on an iOS device.

– Battery widget: know how much time is remaining until your device’s battery runs out of juice.

– Data usage (Network) widget: know how much data has been sent or received from Cellular or Wi-fi.

– Network addresses widget: know MAC or IP Addresses on Notification Center.

– Runtime widget: know for how long you have been using your iOS device since last boot up.

– And many more in the pipeline

You can even customize your widgets with an array of colorful themes to match your style!

Download Orby Widgets


Normally $1.99.

Colorbs is a puzzle game that will play with your brain and strategic thinking, carefully designed by one person in minimalistic style and vibe.

Featured by Apple in “Best New Games” worldwide!

It is a nice blend between “falling blocks” and “match-3” games. Move rows and match orbs in groups of three or more. Then wait for new blocks coming from the top of the screen. Do not allow your orbs stack too high!

– Endless gameplay
– 9 colors, 10 orb types, 11 figures
– Achievements
– Leaderboards
– Challenge your friends on Game Center
– Universal app (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Try also my other games: Commander Pixman, Matchblocks and Boxed Ball!

Download Colorbs

Get Moving

Normally $0.99.

Get Moving is a very easy to use activity/inactivity tracker for * iPhone 5S * and above that will keep track of everything from the number of steps you take to informing you whenever you have been inactive for too long.

If you have an iPhone 5s or newer then you have no excuse to be idle. Move around, go for a walk, hit the treadmill or run around the city. Get Moving knows how active you are without you having to tell it anything.

To motivate you even further, you will be able to view how many hours you’ve been active during the day, how many steps you have taken and the distance you have moved. Try to walk 10000 steps a day, or set your own daily step goal and don’t forget to check the number of calories you have burned before hitting that snack.

By integrating with the Health App, Get Moving is able to increase the accuracy of its calculations. Get Moving will also read dietary calories from HealthKit to inform you about the difference between active burned calories and consumed calories if such data has been provided.

To start Get Moving inactivity tracking simply specify a time interval and tap the clock. You decide if you want to repeat intervals or just be reminded once, Get Moving takes care of the rest. To turn off the timer, simply tap the clock again.

Using the location manager Get Moving also presents you with statistics to help you keep track of the places where you have been inactive during the day and for how long.

Get Moving is smart enough to automatically detect when you are idle or on the move. If you start moving, the timer will stop after a few seconds and when you sit down again a new time interval will be set for you. There is no need to specify how long a break should be Get Moving will adjust to what you are doing.

Check the 7 day stats to see how you have improved throughout the week.

Research shows that sitting for prolonged periods of time can have a real negative impact on your health. Proper ergonomics and regular breaks are really important if you want to avoid RSI. You can start out by taking a 5 minute break at least once an hour. Get Moving will remind you to get up and move, just set the timer and get moving when you hear the sound.

Download Get Moving


Normally $0.99.

– SkyWidgets now supports Apple Watch!

Get realtime information about your current location and movement. SkyWidgets makes it easy to access this data right inside the app, in the Notification Center and on Apple Watch! Once you start using SkyWidgets you will be up to date about your location every time & everywhere.


Dashboard — get information about location and movement right inside the app!

Movement Information Widget:
– Altitude (m, ft)
– Velocity (km/h, mph, knots)
– Latitude/Longitude
– Heading
– Copy to Clipboard

Address Widget:
– Country
– Locality
– Sub Locality
– Postal Code
– Street
– Copy to Clipboard

Barometer Widget (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus & iPad Air 2 only!):
– Pressure (hPa, bar, psi, atm, mmHg, inch of mercury)
– Relative Altitude (m, ft, inch)

GPS Status Widget
– Signal strength

Simple Stopwatch Widget

Download SkyWidgets


Normally $0.99.

Featured by Apple in the “Great Platformers” section!

Mother has lost her baby! It is up to you, kindly gamer, to safely navigate the baby’s carriage through over 10 worlds of twisted Victorian delights, delivering the lost child home. Avoid the specter of Mr. Grimm, a shadowy figure intent on stopping you at every turn. Grimm: Ride of the Perambulator is a unique side-scrolling adventure set in a dark and stylized world.

– Use the accelerometer to guide the carriage through over 10 worlds and 8 mini-levels of twisted and macabre delights.
– Launch the baby from the carriage to solve puzzles and combat villainous enemies
– Survive the fiendish intentions of Mr. Grimm as he doggedly pursues you, presenting new challenges along the way.
– Enjoy the unique and handmade art of the Grimm world.

Faithful gamer, the fate of a small child is in your hands. Bravery and courage are needed. Go forth, dauntless perambulator!

– iPhone 5
– iPhone 4S
– iPhone 4
– iPhone 3GS
– iPod touch 4
– iPod touch 3 (16 GB and up)

“Exceptionally well made game with a hint of dark humor and original content. Grimm dares to go in a new direction with physics based platformers, and comes out with a winner. Super addictive and engaging game that’s worth every penny.” – App Safari

Please follow the link below to visit our website for more information and to see: game trailers, teasers, screenshots, and more.

As always, thank you for your support! Stay tuned for updates and new features, coming soon, thanks to you!

Download Grimm

Show No More

Normally $0.99.

Don’t you hate when you show your friend a photo and they start swiping through your gallery and see things they should not have seen? With Show No More these days are over. You can show them the photo you want and if they want to swipe for more, the app will ask for a pin number or your Touch ID if applicable.

Download Show No More


Normally $0.99.

Introducing Teal, the beautiful tally counter app. Teal will help you keep track of all the important things in your life, one tally at a time.

Create an unlimited number of items and sync between your the iOS app and your new Apple Watch.

Start your new item at zero or enter a different value to quickly get up to speed!

We’ve made Teal infinitely simple to use and we know you will enjoy using it as much as we do!

Download Teal

Data Manager Pro

Normally $2.99.

Data Manager Pro will manage both Cellular (4G/LTE/3G/Edge/GPRS) and Wi-Fi data usage in real time from your device. This app will let you be in control of your data usage to avoid the costly overage charges your provider may charge providing alerts when data usage reaches user thresholds. This app monitors data usage from the device itself and is not reliant on setting up or logging into your provider’s server or web site. Data Manager Pro also includes the ability to Speed Test your cellular or WiFi connection rate and response for you device. This simple, easy-to-use app provides consistent, accurate internet speed testing from any location.

Data Usage Features include:
– Monitor mobile Cellular data for all technologies (4G LTE 3G Edge GPRS etc.) int real time.
– View the amount of internet data you use over your WiFi connection.
– Simple and clear user interface with custom progress bar that graphically shows your data usage and predicted usage.
– Works with ANY cellular provider in any country including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Rodgers, Virgin Mobile, Orange, O2, etc. by reading data usage from the device.
– Billing periods and quota limits can be configured on a monthly, weekly or custom time basis to match your providers billing schedule.
– Works on any iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) running iOS 7.x or later.
– Works in the background using battery efficient background monitoring in iOS 7 to monitor usage and notify users when data usage reaches configured limits.
– App Badge Monitoring shows the % as a app badge without even opening the app.

Pro Data Features:
– Custom counters can be setup allow you to monitor usage during a certain period to help identify data hogging apps. Counters can be easily enabled or disabled and can even be configured to end at a predetermined time.
– History graph shows previous data usage for each day.
– Email your usage information at any time.

Speed Test Features:
– Simple, one button tap performs (or cancels) the internet speed tests.
– Simple, easy-to-read tracking and reporting.
– Testing features download rate, upload rate and latency (response) time.
– Includes the number of hops/gateways between the mobile client and the server (Trace Route).
– Works on either Cellular data from any carrier or when connected via WiFi.
– Conveniently share results with others via email.
– Testing servers located around the world for accurate results.
– Unlimited on-the-go testing – mobile speed testing.

Data Manager Pro is a must have app for anybody on a restrictive data plan and to verify your network speed! Don’t pay those expensive overage charges again.

Download Data Manager Pro

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