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AT&T HTC HD7S Windows Phone hands-on!

March 22nd, 2011 at 3:11 PM

We just whizzed by HTC’s booth at CTIA in Orlando to check out the HD7S, AT&T’s latest Windows Phone 7 monster. The HD7S rocks a large, beautiful 4.3-inch display that looked amazing, even under the blinding lights of the show floor. If you’ve handled a 4.3-inch HTC handset before, you know exactly what to expect from the HD7S. We couldn’t fully experience the device — from a feel-in-the-hand perspective — as it was bolted down to its charger with bulky, security hardware . If we had to pick up a Windows Phone 7 device on AT&T, it’d no doubt be the HD7S. Its large display easily fit most of the content on our homepage, and it was a breeze to read text even when fully zoomed out. The keyboard was large and lends itself to ripping off massive quantities of text messages and emails. We even tried the copy/paste feature, which is enabled on the HTC HD7S thanks to the NoDo update. It worked well, although we think Microsoft could have made the interface just a bit more intuitive — but that’s not the HD7S’ fault. Just like the EVO 4G and the T-Mobile HD7, the HD7S sports a metal kickstand, which means you can prop the device up on your desk for watching movies in landscape mode. As with most Windows Phone 7 devices we’ve used, the interface was snappy, and that’s likely due to the 1GHz processor under the hood. We’re definitely looking forward to spending more time with the HD7S when we get a review unit. In the meantime, hit gallery to have a look for yourself.

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