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AT&T and Samsung recalling BlackJacks?

Updated 4 years ago
Published Nov 26th, 2007 2:07PM EST

This is based purely on anecdotal evidence at the moment, but it appears that AT&T and Samsung are quietly recalling some original BlackJacks. The recall seems to only affect handsets that were manufactured between November 2006 and February 2007, and it seems to be due to some sort of antenna issue. Apparently certain internal antenna components have been wearing rather strangely over time, leading to a loose and disengaged antenna. This, in turn, leads to dropped calls and poor reception. No good at all. Samsung and AT&T have apparently sent out a service advisory to their warranty centers, so if you’re having some reception issues, now is the time to call in and get them resolved. Uh, yeah, why don’t you go ahead and recall the BlackJack II too, ok? We’re in a 3G area and getting a “G” while our Moto Q9 pumps away at hyper-speeds


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