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This is the most secure way to keep your private data safe on Android

Android Security App

When it comes to mobile security, you can never be too safe. As the recent leak of hundreds of nude photos of female celebrities has reminded us, hackers are always working on new and unexpected ways to steal our private data, and a simple PIN on a smartphone just isn’t enough to ensure that our private files are kept secure. There are several options when it comes to mobile device security, and their effectiveness ranges pretty dramatically. For Android users, however, there is one app in particular that likely keeps files safer than anything we’ve seen before.

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Some apps hide your private photos and other data behind a simple PIN or passcode, but Androcognito by Codex takes things a step further. Actually, it takes things three steps further.

Beyond the beautiful flat design that will look terrific on current Android builds and Android L alike, Androcognito protects your private data behind not one, not two, but three layers of encryption. And we’re not just talking about your naked selfies, here — Androcognito can hide and protect everything from photos and videos to audio files, PDFs and Office documents.

This nifty free app’s full description follows below along with a download link.

What’s Andrognito?

With Andrognito, you can now keep your confidential and important files which you don’t want others to access, hidden inside your Android device with our advanced 3-Layer Encryption Engine. In short, Andrognito is a modern sentinel that hides and locks all your personal and confidential data from snoopers in real time.

All the important files like pictures, videos, documents, apps are securely hidden inside a safe vault which nobody except you with the PIN (or password) can access, thereby giving you complete control over your device’s privacy. It is simple, fast and fluid and can hide files and folders in blazing fast speed (thanks to its “Flash Mode”).

Why Will You Use Andrognito?

Andrognito sports a variety of features which will make you fall in love with this app,

• Powerful 3-Layer Encryption Engine that securely locks and hides all your files for complete protection
• Supports hiding of all kinds of files (like Documents, Images, Videos, ZIP, Apps)
• Hide Photos & Videos fast and securely
• Unique Stealth Mode feature to deceive intruders into a fake vault
• “Invisible Mode” lets you hide the app from launcher and open via dialer
• Modern and state-of-the-art flat and minimal user interface
• Prevents brute force attacks by automatically locking the app for 15 minutes after 3 failed login attempts.

What Is Andgognito’s 3-Layer Encryption Engine?
At Codex, protecting your important files from the hands of intruders is our primary goal. After months of research we have developed a simple, light-weight and unique algorithm that makes it virtually impossible for anyone to access your hidden files and folders without your 4-digit secure PIN.

Your files are folders completely locked and hidden and are so secured that they cannot even be accessed if someone copies all the data from your device and tries to run the app on another device, as the encryption process is device sensitive, making it virtually unbreakable. However, if you do succeed in breaking this security we would love to hear from you.

Why In The BETA Version?

After rigorous testing, we are finally convinced that Andrognito is ready to face the world, however we are currently staying in BETA version since there might be some bugs in the app that have escaped our notice.

Therefore we would advise you not to currently hide any sensitive files that are of paramount importance to you as there might be some chances that you lose those files and get into a mess. We are constantly improving our app and we hope to get our final version ready shortly.

In the meantime, we would love to hear reports and feedbacks from you about the good and sometimes about the bad things too.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) Can it hide any kind of files?
Ans – It can hide any type of file you can think of. It can hide pictures, videos, documents, apps, etc. with ease.

2) What happens if I uninstall the app?
Ans – No problem. Andrognito’s Automatic Vault Backup feature takes care of everything, but hidden files cannot be accessed without unhiding.

3) What is the Stealth Mode?
Ans – The Stealth Mode gives you a fake vault where you can keep some fake files to deceive intruders from seeing the real vault. All the files that you have hidden in your real vault, will never be visible in the fake vault.

4) What if I forget my PIN?
Ans – You can always retrieve your PIN by answering the security question. It is always recommended to set the security question just after registering.

Download Androcognito

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