Do you wish you could get Google’s gorgeous new “Material Design” on your Android device? Well, you can’t have it across your entire OS yet unless you have the Android L preview installed on your phone. But, you’ll be happy to know that a gorgeous new app called ACEMusic Player can bring Android L’s new look to your music player right now.

A member of the XDA Developer forum has created a new music player app that includes features like album title, artists, genre and playlist sorting. More importantly, of course, it features elements from Google’s new Material Design.

Besides the Material Design elements seen in the interface, ACEMusic Player will unofficially support Google Play Music, tag editing, individual equalizer presets down to a song, blacklisting, folder browsing, scrobbling and other features.

In addition to that bundle of goodies, ACEMusic Player will let you customize crossfade duration and will find album art for you for tracks that don’t have it saved. And if there are lyrics to the song you’re jamming to, ACEMusic Player will display them so you don’t have to look for them.

ACEMusic Player is still in Beta and the full version isn’t out yet, but you can get the Beta version of it by following the link below in the source section.

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