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A massive leak might explain one of the biggest ‘WandaVision’ mysteries

Published Feb 12th, 2021 11:16PM EST
WandaVision Spoilers

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  • The sixth episode of WandaVision premiered on Disney+ on Friday, confirming several big leaks that appeared online in recent weeks.
  • As WandaVision advances, the mystery surrounding Wanda’s actions is slowly explained, but we’re still missing big pieces of the puzzle.
  • A brand new leak might provide a significant clue, an answer to one of the most important questions we have about Wanda’s actions. If accurate, the leak shows us how it all began.


Episode 6 is now playing on Disney+, and without ruining it for you, I will say that it confirms all the leaks we saw in the previous days. Before Episode 5 came out, someone posted a few key scenes from this week’s installment, revealing that a particular character would appear in the TV show — that person appeared at the end of Episode 5. Then, with just hours to go until the Episode 6 premiere, someone posted the episode’s full script. Suffice it to say, I read it before watching the episode. All the previously leaked footage and the clips included in trailers were part of that alleged script. Watching Episode 6 was a sort of deja-vu experience. Everything in that script turned out to be correct.

What I’m getting at is that WandaVision does suffer from a leaks problem, something we haven’t witnessed with Marvel movies. Sure, the Endgame plot did leak in the final weeks ahead of the premiere, when several people with access to it spoiled bits of the action. But WandaVision leaks seem to be piling up at an alarming rate. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to see more of WandaVision, and I love spoilers. But not everybody does enjoy knowing what happens in these MCU adventures beforehand. That’s why I’ll tell you that a significant spoiler lies ahead before I tell you that a brand new leak might explain a huge WandaVision mystery.

Each new WandaVision episode dives deeper into the Westview nonsense. Wanda’s imaginary world might come out of a mixture of love for her family and grief, but it’s incredibly creepy. Think Stranger Things creepy but with more Avengers in it. And Episode 6 further advances that notion, explaining Wanda’s thinking that went into the creation of this fake universe. We still have three episodes left, and the plot is only getting thicker. We’re yet to fully understand why Wanda is acting this way.

We might soon get more flashbacks to explain some of her actions. At least that seems to be the conclusion of a massive storyboard leak from earlier this week.

Anthony Winn is one of Marvel’s main storyboard artists, and some of his work was posted on his ArtStation profile showing the storyboard for a scene in Big Red. Fans of WandaVision probably know that Big Red was the TV show’s working title, so that’s one indication that the storyboard leak is genuine.

The second hint that the images were real is the fact that they were immediately removed from Winn’s ArtStation profile. But a different Redditor then found some of them under Winn’s IMDB profile. Unsurprisingly, they were promptly deleted from there as well.

Having seen some of the storyboards while they were up on ArtStation, I can tell you what happens in them. We’re looking at scenes that will help explain how and why Wanda took Vision from SWORD. Remember the video that SWORD Director Hayward showed everyone at the briefing? It’s only partial footage that we’re given access to, showing Wanda entering a lab where Vision’s corpse is spread into pieces on various tables.

Winn’s storyboard offers a different version of that flashback, the moment when Wanda visits the SWORD headquarters for the first time after Endgame. She’s walking presumably in the lobby we saw in Episode 4, with a memorial of Tony Stark playing on one of those TVs. Wanda walks to the reception, telling the people staffing the desk that she “knows he is here. All you have to do is give him to me.”

Wanda is talking about Vision, but the person she’s talking to tells her there’s nothing they can do “in regards to this matter.”

That’s when Wanda’s rage comes to life. Her eyes turn red, as do her hands:

I’m sick of everyone acting like Tony Stark is the only person we lost. Like he’s the only Avenger there ever was. Too bad, then, ifyou’re Natasha, but at least she was flesh and blood, right? But where are the memorials for Vision? No moving tributes for the synthezoid?

But rather than attacking anyone, Wanda’s anger subsides. She tells the people at the desk that she doesn’t know what to do. Vision wasn’t where she left him — Wakanda? — and she was a burial. “I deserve his burial.”

That’s when the reception desk phone rings, with an unseen authority figure instructing them to let her in. It’s probably Director Hayward, but his name doesn’t appear anywhere in the storyboards. Wanda hurries to the locked door and uses her powers to open them rather than waiting for the SWORD agent to buzz her in.

That’s all that was available on ArtStation at the time when I got to see the storyboards, which have been deleted scenes. But additional images were present on IMDB, with some Redditors capturing them.

What’s interesting about the scene is that it doesn’t end as we expect. Wanda leaves without taking Vision’s corpse. There is someone with her in there, a female friend who isn’t identified. It’s unclear if it’s Agnes, but that’s one speculation. The same woman was present in the very first image of the set.

The storyboard images of Wanda leaving the SWORD lab can be seen on Imgur, where they were posted at some point since their discovery. What I can tell you about the storyboard sequence is that it should have at least 45 shots, walking us from scene 216 through scene 219.

While other WandaVision leaks turned out to be accurate, there are no guarantees we’ll see this one in the TV show. Also, it’s unclear whether this scene was used in the storyline. If it’s the real deal, this flashback scene showing us that Wanda didn’t get Vision’s corpse from SWORD would change everything.

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