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The new ‘Venom’ trailer gives us fresh clues about this year’s sleeper superhero movie

Venom Release Date

Venom is like a sort of Spider-Man, but not quite. He’s like a superhero of sorts, an anti-hero if you will, but he might get the job done. And in the first Venom movie, the job of Eddie Brock/Venom seems to be to survive at all costs.

The following isn’t the first Venom trailer we’ve seen so far, but it sure offers plenty of actions featuring both Brock, and Venom. If you’re unfamiliar with the character, the clip will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about it.

Yes, Tom Hardy is playing Brock/Venom, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily going to be a hero in this Venom franchise — I’m already assuming we’ll have sequels.

Brock happens to be a journalist who stumbles upon an experiment that involves some sort of alien species. That’s how he ends up being the host of a parasitic alien symbiotic being that can take over whenever it pleases.

Venom lives inside Brock and communicates with him, offering him creative ways to deal with the various dangers he’s about to encounter.

In addition to seeing Brock become Venom, the trailer also gives us a glimpse at the villain of the movie who plays Dr. Carlton Drake, the scientist who is running those secret experiments and who will create other symbiotic beings to take on Venom.

Venom hits theaters on October 5th, and it’ll be one of those big blockbuster movies that you won’t be able to see with a MoviePass subscription — just saying.

Will we see Venom take on Spider-Man in the future? I mean, will we see the two characters in a future Sony/Marvel flick? We have no idea, but here’s a clip that reminds us what it could all look like:

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