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Jimmy Kimmel shows us why Star Wars’ newest adorable creature has a very unfortunate name

Star Wars Porgs

Disney released a new The Last Jedi trailer on Monday night, which brings us even more footage from the upcoming Star Wars movie. One of the things fans loved (or hated, in some cases) immediately was the new adorable creatures that Disney just introduced.

There are valid arguments on both sides, of that there is no question. But as a hilarious Jimmy Kimmel video shows, the Porgs have a very unfortunate name regardless of whether or not you like them.

Porgs are creatures that live on the island where Luke Skywalker resides, and we’ll see more of them in the upcoming movies — you can learn more about the Porgs at this link. The cute animal is also a clever marketing trick for Disney, as Porgs are now on the Christmas shopping lists of many Star Wars enthusiasts and parents.

Because everyone is going nuts over the Porgs, Kimmel sent a reporter out on the streets to ask people if they look at Porg. Yes, “Do you look at Porg?” is exactly what the reporter asked. 
And yes, all the people who were interviewed mistook “Porg” for “porn,” assuming that was the word the reporter wanted to use. They all began discussing porn, and none of them thought of the new Star Wars creature.

To be fair, Kimmel’s crew was asking Porg questions just one day after the new trailer aired. As hot as the Porgs may be among hardcore fans, not all people out there have had a chance to see the clip. And maybe not all of them know what that cute creature is called even if they have seen it. Check out the full Kimmel clip below.

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