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Mind-blowing ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ credits scenes just leaked, revealing what’s next in MCU Phase 4

Updated Jun 29th, 2019 4:01PM EDT
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Image: Sony Pictures

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Spider-Man: Far From Home

, the final movie in the third phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe adventures, is hitting theaters ini just a few days on July 2nd. We know it will deal with the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame while further shaping Peter’s arc, and we know it’ll introduce the multiverse. It’ will also l remind us how much it hurts not having Iron Man around, and a previous report revealed that it’ll feature two mind-blowing credits scenes.

So far, we have two categories of people who have already seen the movie. First, we have the people who were invited to limited screenings, whether we’re talking about test groups or the journalists who already delivered their spoiler-free reviews. Then we’ve got Marvel fans from China, where Far From Home has already been released. The first group previously teased the credits scenes and confirmed we’re looking at two different clips. The second will be able to verify the massive leak that we just found, which reveals everything in those credits scenes. Mind you, with only a few days to go, you might want to avoid the huge spoilers that follow. But if you’re dying to learn what’s in those scenes, well, come on over to the dark side, because we can now tell you what’s coming next in MCU’s Phase 4.

A Reddit user who claims he or she saw the movie revealed the contents of the credits scenes on Reddit, alongside an image that proves they really attended a screening. Both of the credits scenes set the MCU up for what’s coming next in Phase 4, and we’re looking at a couple of incredible developments.

Image source: Sony

Spider-Man’s true identity

In an incredible twist, Marvel will do things differently with this version of Spider-Man and reveal his identity to the world. That echoes a lot of what happened in the first film of the series, where Tony Stark told the world that he is Iron Man, a phrase he repeated in an iconic Endgame scene right before he died.

But Parker doesn’t willingly reveal he’s Spider-Man:


It starts with Peter and MJ finishing their swing; she doesn’t like it, and then Peter says he has to go

He lands on a light post when the news on the large screen reveals a video recording of Beck in London during the fight talking about how Spider-Man did everything in London because it shows him self-destructing the drones; it cuts again to JJJ (played by JK Simmons) of The Daily Bugle, revealing Spider-Man’s identity to be Peter Parker, as said by Beck, and then a picture of Peter shows up on the screen; Peter is left shock and so is MJ on the ground.

If some of this sounds familiar, that’s because we’ve already seen in Far From Home trailers that MJ figured out who Peter is, and Marvel even showed us the scene where Peter takes her swinging through the city.

The second scene is even crazier, however.

Image source: Marvel Studios

The Skrulls

Yes, you read that right, Far From Home reintroduces the Skrulls according to this leak, setting up the MCU Phase 4 for the Secret Invasion plotline.


It’s revealed Fury and Hill were Skrulls, Talos and his wife, while the real Fury was on a Skrulls ship in space having a VR vacation; seems like Fury sent them to do his job.

That’s just mind-bending. Remember when we thought that Maria Hill was a Skrull after watching Infinity War and Captain Marvel, because she called him “Nick?” It’s unclear whether that Maria was a Skrull, but bringing Talos & Co. back some three decades after the events in Captain Marvel means that we’ll see plenty more of the Skrulls in the years to come.

The final scene also suggests that Fury and Talos have been in contact for a long time. Or that they began interacting again after what happened with Thanos. Also, why would Fury trust Skrulls more than whatever SHIELD personnel he’d have available?

Whatever it is, it needs to be explained, and Phase 4 looks like a great place to start.

On the same note, it sure looks like Marvel was trying to deceive us with the multiverse revelation from the trailer, as Phase 4 might not be about the multiverse at all.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Is it all legit?

What I didn’t tell you so far is that the Redditor didn’t just leak the post-credits scenes. He or she posted the full plot of the film on Reddit, which I have yet to read myself. But it’s incredibly detailed and some people said in the comments that it’s confirmed. 

The leaker also posted this note at the end of the post:

Note: The mob scene and the passport scene from the trailers are not in the film. Also, sorry for any forgotten parts or things that don’t make sense. The movie is a lot, but really awesome.

What’s interesting about it is that Tom Holland already revealed that the mob scene from the trailer isn’t in the film — you know, the one where he hilariously mocks the cops for doing their job, right before telling them that he’s going on vacation. Of course, the leaker would know this detail as well.

Image source: Reddit

The leaker is either genuine or he or she went through a lot of trouble to create this post. This is your final warning about spoilers before you read the post and decide for yourself. The full post can be found at this link.

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