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Massive ‘Spider-Man 3’ leak might have spoiled the movie’s title

Published Jan 7th, 2021 9:07PM EST
Spider-Man 3
Image: Marvel Studios

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  • A leaker claiming they had access to Marvel insiders posted plenty of details about upcoming MCU Phase 4 movies and TV series, including the highly-anticipated Spider-Man 3.
  • The person did not reveal the movie’s plot, but listed the various characters that will be included in the film, and offered additional details about Sony and Marvel’s plans for Spider-Man.
  • The leaker said the film will be very long and shared the purported title: Spider-Man: Homeworlds.

Spider-Man has appeared in five MCU movies so far, including two solo films, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame, but I can’t say I cared much about the standalone films. As entertaining as Homecoming and Far From Home were, they meant little in the grand scheme of the MCU. Put differently, you don’t need to see the Spider-Man films to enjoy any of the other MCU films where Spider-Man appears.

The films help flesh out Peter Parker’s arc, but the most exciting part of the MCU Spider-Man movies comes in the post-credits scenes of the sequel. For the first time in a Spider-Man property from Sony, the world knows who Spider-Man really is. That alone is a great premise for the upcoming Spider-Man 3, which will conclude the first Spider-Man trilogy in the MCU. Add to that the recent avalanche of Spider-Man 3 rumors, and the upcoming film is all of a sudden a must-see Phase 4 title. A massive Spider-Man 3 leak offers us several details about the Marvel/Sony movie, including its purported title. Before you read on, you should know that some minor spoilers will follow.

Before we get to the leak, I’ll remind you of the gist of the recent Spider-Man 3 rumors. WandaVision, Spider-Man 3, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will act as a three-part story inside of Phase 4. The multiverse and Doctor Strange will appear in all three, and the multiverse is an integral part of Marvel’s strategy going forward. That’s why Spider-Man 3 is such a big movie, especially compared to the previous installments. The film will also advance Sony’s SUMC’s ambitions, as the studio plans on making several interconnected Spider-Man-based movies in the future, including a live-action Spider-Verse movie.

This brings us to a massive MCU leak published on 4chan, which lists several details about upcoming films and TV series. There’s no way to verify the leak, which is true of any other Marvel rumor we’ve seen recently, but the person who posted it says they have access to people familiar with Marvel plans for the MCU. They could have used publicly available information about the film’s cast and old rumors to craft the leak, though.

According to the person, Spider-Man 3 will be a “very long” movie. The title will supposedly be Spider-Man: Homeworlds, which makes sense given the multiverse predicament.

The film will feature the “most dark and gritty moments in a Spider-Man movie,” starting where we left off in Far From Home. WandaVision will tie into it, although the leaker doesn’t specify what the connection is.

There will be a bounty on Peter Parker’s head, and Charlie Cox will play Matt Murdock. It’s unclear whether he will be in his Daredevil costume or act as Peter’s lawyer. Murdock supposedly has a small role, with a 5-10 minute presence. Marvel and Cox will also work on a new Daredevil series, the leaker said. The Netflix shows will not be canon, however.

Kraven is the film’s main villain, with Scorpion being the secondary bad guy, played by Michael Mando. An “A-list” actor will play Kraven, although it’s unclear who that person is. The character will then be used in Sony’s SUMC.

J. Jonah Jameson is another villain of sorts in the film, with “plenty” of J.K. Simmons expected in Spider-Man 3. Apparently, Jameson will have Spider-Slayer bots chasing Peter through the city.

Michael Keaton’s Vulture will appear later in the film. The leaker said that Marvel struggled to shoot Keaton’s scenes, as the actor is also involved in Warner’s big Flash movie where he’ll reprise his Batman role.

Mysterio isn’t dead, and he’s apparently working for Norman Osborne. Willem Dafoe will apparently play the MCU’s Osborne, featuring a “great new look.” Dafoe will appear in other Marvel films down the road.

The multiverse will bring additional villains from Sony’s older Spider-Man films, including Electro, played by Jamie Foxx. Electro will have a new look, “more along the lines of a combo of Spectacular Spider-Man and Spider-Man PS4.” Electro is also supposed to be the second biggest villain after Kraven, which sort of contradicts the Scorpion mention from earlier.

Alfred Molina will play Otto Octavius and will also feature a new look. But he will appear in just one scene and a fight scene. Molina has shot his scenes, while Foxx hasn’t.

Thomas Haden Church will cameo briefly as Sandman. Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone will both cameo briefly at the end of the film. Tom Hardy will also have a brief appearance as Venom, with Kevin Feige supposedly against having the character in the MCU.

The previous Spider-Men will also return, including Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. Garfield appears in the movie for about 20 minutes, while Maguire will have about 10-15 scenes in total. Tom Holland and Garfield are “apparently amazing on screen together.” The alternate Spider-Man versions aren’t the same versions seen in the previous Sony films, but the leaker did not explain what that means.

Doctor Strange will only appear in the film for 8-12 minutes, or 2-3 scenes, with Benedict Cumberbatch having already shot his stuff in two weeks.

The leaker also touched on other Spider-Man-related projects at Marvel and Sony. Apparently, both Sony and Marvel have found their Miles Morales. It’s unclear if he will appear in the film.

Spider-Woman will appear in the MCU at some point in 2023, with Marvel and Sony co-producing it. Olivia Wilde will reportedly direct the film. Naomi Scott and Daisy Ridley are supposedly in the running for Jessica Drew, although nothing is decided.

Sony and Marvel will also work on a second Tom Holland MCU trilogy, and the actor will play Spider-Man in the SUMC as well. The Sony universe isn’t part of the MCU, the leaker says. But it will reference MCU Spider-Man. Sony will use Holland in Venom films, but Venom will not appear in the MCU.

The leaker also said that Sony plans to have a Spider-verse movie much later down the road, likely in 2025, featuring Garfield, Holland, Maguire, and more.

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