One of the most substantial Pokemon Go updates since launch has arrived.

There are two major additions to the game in the latest update. First, there’s a new catch bonus that will make it easier to catch specific types of Pokemon. For example, if you catch a bunch of Fire-type Pokemon and earn the Kindler Medal, you’ll begin to have less difficulty catching that Charizard.

The other big change is to the gym training feature. Previously, you could only bring a single Pokemon into a friendly gym, but after the update, you can now bring a party of six Pokemon along with you for training.

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Here’s the full list of release notes from the App Store and Google Play:

  • Catch Bonus: Trainers can earn a catch bonus for a Pokémon type as they catch more of a specific type.
  • Updated Gym Training: Trainers can now bring six Pokémon to battle at friendly Gyms. The CP of the Pokémon you are battling may be temporarily adjusted lower for your training session.
  • Egg & Incubator Screens: These will periodically update the distance walked without the Trainer needing to close and reopen the screen.
  • Fixed several audio issues.
  • Decreased the evolution animation time.
  • Minor fixes

Players will likely find plenty of fun surprises in the coming days, but some have already noticed that gyms are more stable than they were previously. In other words, you won’t have to reset the app after tapping on a few gyms now.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for any other notable changes.

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