This might be one of the biggest months for VR ever. Along with the impending launch of the PlayStation VR headset, Oculus is holding its third annual Oculus Connect developers conference. It’s not clear exactly what Oculus will have to show off during the keynote, which begins at 1PM ET, but there’s a decent chance we’ll finally get a price and release date for the Oculus Touch controllers.

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Alongside the controllers, we’ll also likely see plenty of new games that take advantage of the hardware. Both PS VR and HTC’s Vive launched with controllers of their own, which puts the Oculus Rift at a distinct disadvantage this holiday.

Oculus is also likely going to have to comment on the recent scandal regarding founder Palmer Luckey. As the story goes, Luckey spent thousands of dollars funding pro-Trump “sh*tposting” organization Nimble America, which in turn used that money to buy Facebook ads, billboards and other material maligning Hillary Clinton.

It’s a messy situation, but one that might be hard to avoid outright. Nevertheless, the focus will obviously be on the hardware and the software, as the release of PS VR is going to up the level of competition in the VR industry considerably.

You can watch the keynote live at 1PM ET / 10AM PT below:

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