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Ms. Marvel might fix a big MCU Spider-Man plot hole

Published Feb 8th, 2022 10:13PM EST
Spider-Man: No Way Home opening scene
Image: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

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Ms. Marvel was supposed to hit Disney Plus in 2021, according to some reports. But the release date of the show that will tell the origin story of Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, kept being pushed back. And it turns out Marvel still isn’t done shooting the show. Ms. Marvel should premiere this year, but the studio is currently doing reshoots. We know that because photos from those reshoots leaked online, showing Vellani in Ms. Marvel’s costume. There’s an even more exciting detail in those leaked photos. Ms. Marvel might fix a big Spider-Man plot hole that could ruin the entire MCU.

Before we move on, you should know that some spoilers might follow below, especially for Marvel fans who haven’t seen every MCU movie and show.

Ms. Marvel‘s plot is still a mystery

Ms. Marvel is one of the three MCU shows that will hit Disney Plus this year and tell completely new stories. The other two are Moon Knight and She-Hulk. These are all superheroes who have not appeared in the MCU so far. Therefore, the shows will be origin stories meant to introduce these characters and establish a few connections to the rest of the Avengers.

Therefore, we have no idea what to expect from any of them, and Ms. Marvel’s plot is yet to leak. And we don’t know what Avengers might cameo in the TV show.

Before you ask, having Spider-Man (Tom Holland) appear in Ms. Marvel is a big stretch, however. That’s the kind of cameo we’d expect for a much bigger crossover, as Marvel can’t just have Peter Parker in any show it pleases. That’s because Sony controls the character. But Marvel can fix the big Spider-Man plot hole without having the actual character in the series.

We don’t even know when the action in Ms. Marvel takes place relative to the official MCU timeline. Marvel doesn’t release movies and TV shows chronologically. That means not all the new Disney Plus releases present events occurring after Endgame.

What is certain is that we’ll see Vellani’s Khan in other MCU projects, including the Captain Marvel sequel. The Marvels, by the way, has a February 17th, 2023, release date. Before that crossover, Khan will showcase her superhero abilities in Ms. Marvel. And this brings us to the brand new leak that has a direct connection to an annoying Spider-Man problem.

Ms. Marvel is coming soon to Disney Plus. Image source: Marvel Studios

The big Spider-Man plot hole

We explained back in August 2019 that Spider-Man: Far From Home has a few big problems that ruin the MCU continuity after Endgame. The most obvious Spider-Man plot hole concerns the EDITH drones. If you’re already wondering how it all connects to Ms. Marvel, we’ll soon get to that.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) ended up surrounding the planet in armor, the EDITH drones that Spidey and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) control in the film. Yet there’s no explanation for the drones program. We’re left to make all sorts of assumptions about their existence. Stark must have completed the program in the five years between Infinity War and Endgame.

With the Avengers defeated and disbanded, Stark hasn’t given up on protecting the world. He made the EDITH drones and ensured that Peter Parker would be able to control them — assuming the Avengers would somehow undo what Thanos (Josh Brolin) did.

But what’s incredibly annoying to realize in Far From Home is that Tony never considered using the EDITH drones in any capacity against the 2014 Thanos version that invaded the planet. He could have easily ordered the drones to enter the fight. That didn’t happen, and it’s a big problem for the MCU.

After all, Sony needed the drones to make Far From Home work. Without them, there is no movie. And there’s no big cliffhanger leading to No Way Home. But Sony didn’t have access to the Endgame plot, so it’s up to Marvel to fix inconsistencies.

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Image source: Sony/Marvel

The Ms. Marvel reshoots and Spider-Man

Like I said before, we have no idea where Ms. Marvel sits on the big MCU timeline. We have no idea what Kamala Khan did during the events in Infinity War and Endgame. But images from the Ms. Marvel reshoots show that she will be interacting with drones that look a lot like the EDITH machines that we saw in Far From Home.

Photos from the reshoots show Vellani in Ms. Marvel costume, but also a strange contraption that looks just like the drones that Spider-Man and Mysterio used to control.

How do we know the Ms. Marvel drones are the same ones from the second Spider-Man movie? As The Direct points out, they have the same marking on the front, the diamond emblem.

That’s not to say that Ms. Marvel will have to battle Stark’s drones. Or that an evil entity controls them. But if these drones appear in the TV show, Marvel might finally get to explain the big Spider-Man plot hole above. We could learn why the drones were missing in action in Endgame. And Marvel might tell us when Stark completed the drone project.

To get back to the timeline again, having the EDITH drones in Ms. Marvel tells us the TV show happens either before Endgame or after it.

Finally, there’s another important matter to consider. If Ms. Marvel takes place after Far From Home and No Way Home, we might learn who controls the Stark tech. That’s another big MCU detail that No Way Home did not address.

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