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Marvel’s Daredevil is coming to the MCU, but not in the way you think

Published Sep 1st, 2021 9:14PM EDT
Marvel Daredevil
Image: Netflix

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When Spider-Man: No Way Home launches this winter, it’ll bring over several surprises on top of the one that keeps leaking. Three Spider-Man variants will be fighting the Sinister Six in this multiverse movie. On top of that, there’s Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) helping out, and he might not necessarily be who we think he is. Then there’s another potential plot twist that the trailer might have alluded to. And the same trailer has fans speculating that a certain Daredevil superhero might be hiding in plain sight. Sony and Marvel made sure, however, not to show Charlie Cox in the clip.

But we saw plenty of evidence this year suggesting that Cox will reprise his Matt Murdock/Daredevil role from the Daredevil show that aired on Netflix. Murdock will be Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) lawyer in No Way Home. And this will help Marvel bring Daredevil to the MCU. However, fans expecting Marvel to pick Daredevil up from where it left off are in for a surprise they might not necessarily like. Mind you, some spoilers for No Way Home and Hawkeye follow below.

How does Hawkeye factor in all of this?


premieres on Disney Plus on November 24th, several weeks before the No Way Home theatrical release. Rumors say the two projects will share a scene. And both of them will feature Daredevil characters.

Cox might not have had time to shoot scenes for Hawkeye, but a certain Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) will appear in the TV show. That’s what a reportedly verified Reddit leak said a few weeks ago.

Fisk is Kingpin, the main villain of Daredevil. And we saw an animated version of Kingpin that has nothing to do with the MCU in Sony’s highly acclaimed Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

But Marvel’s Daredevil will only appear in No Way Home. So technically, it’s the next Spider-Man movie that will help Marvel reboot the series.

Netflix’s Daredevil isn’t canon

The best part of Marvel’s multiverse is that Kevin Feige & Co. can use it to explain the expanding MCU stories. The multiverse makes possible a movie like No Way Home. The film will have three Spider-Man versions, two of which have nothing to do with the MCU.

Similarly, the multiverse lets Marvel cherry-pick X-Men mutants from the Fox Marvel movies to bring over to the MCU. You don’t have to worry about continuity, thanks to the multiverse. These are all separate worlds, separate timelines that are about to clash for the first time.

The same multiverse lets Marvel save any of the Marvel defenders that we saw on Netflix. Marvel doesn’t have to worry about those stories if it wants the same heroes or villains in the MCU. And that concerns Daredevil as well.

The events in Daredevil aren’t canon for the MCU. That’s even though we saw the ties to the MCU in the TV series. And, of course, that can be explained away with ease: It’s the multiverse! Insiders familiar with Marvel’s plans say that Daredevil will not be canon. We’ll supposedly soon understand why that has to be the case:

How Marvel’s Daredevil might change

The image attached to the tweet above shows us the Spider-Verse Fisk, a different version of Kingpin. Maybe Marvel will want to use a similar suit for D’Onofrio’s character, which will make the MCU Kingpin a variant of the villain we saw in Daredevil.

A Reddit moderator summed up the recent Daredevil rumors, explaining why he approved the tweet above.

He said that Fisk will indeed see a “radical redesign” in the MCU:

Fisk is apparently going to have a radical redesign in spite of still being played by Vincent D’Onofrio that will indicate that this is a different take on the character than the one that we have seen previously

The villain is also expected to make an appearance in the No Way Home post-credits scenes.

The Redditor also said that while Marvel isn’t making the Netflix show canon, it will have the same general story and characters:

Basically all of the major cast members from the show are going to return, and the broad strokes will remain the same – we’re just going to meet Daredevil in the middle of his story instead of going back to the origin, much like how they approached rebooting Spider-Man into the MCU

Marvel might use the same strategy for any pre-Phase 4 TV content that it might want to reboot or soft-reboot.

While we have no idea when Daredevil will arrive on Disney Plus, we’ll get to see Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio in several MCU Phase 4 adventures. Echo is another project where Matt Murdock might show up.

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