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Marvel insider says the most popular X-Men hero will join the Avengers

Published Jun 10th, 2020 3:02PM EDT
Marvel Movies
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  • The upcoming MCU Phase 4 Marvel movies will not include any standalone X-Men or Fantastic Four films even though they have characters that Disney now controls following the Fox acquisition.
  • But a leaker claims that one of the most popular mutants will be introduced as soon as Black Panther 2, which is scheduled to be released in early May 2022.
  • The beloved X-Men and Avengers team member will supposedly get a suit made of a different type of vibranium, and it’s Shuri who will manufacture it.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get more exciting than ever, as soon as the novel coronavirus permits. Everything is delayed for now, which means the thrilling Avengers developments we’ve been craving will have to wait. The pandemic forced Disney to postpone all MCU Phase 4 movies by several months. The first Marvel TV shows that should have hit Disney+ this year might still launch almost according to plan, assuming production can resume work soon. The faster we go through Phase 4, the quicker we’ll get to the best parts.

That’s not to say Phase 4 will be any less entertaining than before. But this stage of Marvel adventures serves as the springboard for the next major storyline that will hopefully end with an Avengers movie as epic as Endgame. It’s a reconstruction phase meant to introduce new villains and new heroes, including replacements for the ones who died or retired. Phase 4 will also set up new storylines that allow Marvel to add the characters it obtained from Fox to the MCU mix. The mutants and the Fantastic Four will be rebooted for the MCU, while Deadpool will be adapted for Marvel’s universe as well. We have no idea how Marvel will do it, but it’s absolutely clear that Phase 4 will be used to prepare us for the arrival of these new characters. And the X-Men member you want most to join the Avengers might make his debut sooner than we thought.

We’ve had mutants in the Avengers for years now. In fact, a mutant is currently the strongest Avenger, per Kevin Feige. That’s Wanda, of course. We just haven’t been referring to her that way. Her brother was also briefly knighted an Avengers back in Age of Ultron, which is where he perished. It’s just that nobody referred to these individuals as mutants, nor was Marvel able to introduce the concept of X-Men during the Infinity Saga.

Quicksilver might be back in WandaVision, and Wanda and Vision’s imaginary kids are mutants too. Marvel could also find a way to insert Deadpool somewhere in Phase 4, in anticipation of the Deadpool 3 movie.

But the X-Men team member most fans want to see joining the Avengers is Wolverine. He’s easily one of the most prominent X-Men and he also happens to be a member of the Avengers in the comics. Having the rights to Wolverine and not adding him to the MCU would be huge mistake, and Marvel likely won’t want to pass up the chance to reinvent Logan.

A prominent but mysterious MCU leaker who posts information on Twitter claimed a few days ago that Spider-Man will have a bright future in the MCU, as Disney and Sony will ink a new partnership. At the same time, he posted a short but potentially revealing message about Wolverine. “MCU is way more dangerous place for Wolverine than you might think. Logan receives his combat nanosuit thanks to Shuri and Antarctic Vibranium,” Roger Wardell said.

There’s a lot of information to unpack in that tweet. First of all, it implies that Wolverine could make an appearance as soon as May 6th, 2022, when Black Panther 2 is supposed to be released if it’s not delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. That’s assuming Shuri doesn’t make an appearance elsewhere, of course. Black Panther 2 was the first film Marvel confirmed beyond the MCU Phase 4 roster, so we always assumed it would be part of Phase 5.

Wardell also indicates that Shuri has a future in the MCU, something we’ve always suspected for T’Challa’s smart sister.

Also interesting is the fact that Shuri will make a nano suit for Wolverine. For that to happen, Wolverine would have to be a key player in the grand scheme of things. It’s unclear whether his claws will be made of adamantium or not. But the vibranium suit should come in handy.

Finally, Wardell specifically mentioned the type of vibranium that Shuri will use, and that’s the Antarctic kind. That’s where the Savage Land is located, and where the X-Men may originate in the Avengers, according to a previous leak.

Wardell was the leaker who provided accurate Endgame plot details before the movie premiered, so he clearly had access to inside sources. That said, there’s no guarantee that any of his more recent predictions will come true. Marvel has plenty of time to change things around, and let’s not forget that the COVID-19 pandemic could still ruin releases and production timelines.

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