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Massive leaks reveal secrets about new Marvel movies and TV shows

Updated Oct 10th, 2020 11:06AM EDT
Marvel Movies
Image: Marvel Studios

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  • Most of Marvel’s movies and shows in Phase 4 of the MCU have been delayed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, but a few leaks have revealed a treasure trove of information about the upcoming adventures.
  • Among other things, the leaks reveal the titles of Spider-Man 3 and Captain Marvel 2 and explain which Marvel film will set up Fantastic Four.
  • The leaks mention several stars considered for various Marvel roles, including Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightly, Anna Kendrick, Alison Brie, Kate Winslet, Keanu Reeves, Christian Bale, and Jonathan Majors.
  • The leaks also detail some of the villains that will appear in upcoming MCU adventures and the actors playing them.

We’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see the only MCU Phase 4 title of the year. WandaVision will get the honor of being the first Marvel TV series to premiere on Disney+ and the first Marvel adventure of Phase 4. When the pandemic hit, Disney postponed the launch of Black Widow and The Eternals, as it wants those films to debut in theaters rather than go straight to streaming online. All the other projects were pushed back accordingly, as lockdowns and social distancing measures paused some productions and delayed the start of others.

Marvel fans curious about what’s coming next in the MCU after the massive Avengers: Endgame finale have probably been keeping up with all of the MCU Phase 4 rumors and leaks. We’ve seen plot leaks for Black Widow and WandaVision, as well as plenty of details about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. None of those can be confirmed, of course, but that’s all we’ve got. If you’re looking for more potential MCU spoilers, you should be aware of a few massive leaks that were posted online recently. They reveal interesting details about several Marvel movies and TV series that will launch soon.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Easily the most exciting Marvel movie in Phase 4, the Doctor Strange sequel will have Wanda as the villain, as Mephisto controls her. This isn’t exactly earth-shattering, as this matches the previous Strange 2 plot details. Evan Peters reportedly plays Mephisto, while Anne Hathaway and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II are the top choices for Clea and Voodoo, respectively.

Shang Chi

One of the 4chan leaks posted online this week reveals some of the characters in the film and the actors who will play them. We’re looking at Ronny Chieng (Clive Reston), Fala Chen (Leiko Wu), Florian Munteanu (Blackjack Tarr), Benedict Wong (Wong), Michelle Yeoh (Shang Chi’s mother).

The Eternals

Casting details have leaked for The Eternals, which should have premiered this year. We have Dan Stevens (Kro), Harry Styles (Eros), and David Strathairn (Zuras). Kro is the villain of the film, a previous leak said.

Thor: Love and Thunder

A leaker says the Guardians will only be present at the beginning of the film, which makes sense, considering that the “Asgardians of the Galaxy” left earth together after beating Thanos. Christian Bale will be playing Gorr the God Butcher, the leak says, with Jeff Goldblum and Peter Dinklage reprising their roles from Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War, respectively. Also interesting is the claim that Ryan Gosling will voice Beta Ray Bill in the film.

Marvel Movies Thor
Poster for Thor: The Dark World showing Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) in the forefront. Image source: Marvel Studios

Spider-Man 3

The upcoming Spider-Man 3 will be similar to John Wick 3, with Peter Parker having to face everyone. The 4chan leak notes the film will be one of the darker movies in the MCU, and that’s a great development if you ask me, compared to the previous entries.

A second leak claims the film’s title is Spider-Man: Home Invasion, with the Sinister Six making up the villains of the film. We’ve got Vulture, Mysterio, Shocker, Scorpion, Electro, and Kraven. Here’s where things get really interesting, as Keanu Reeves is supposedly set to play Kraven, although the deal isn’t finalized. J.K. Simmons will apparently return as J. Jonah Jameson as well, which is something we already expected.

The Spider-Man universe is covered from different points of view in the 4chan leaks, as the character will be shared between Marvel and Sony. Marvel supposedly wants Morbius to be in a Blade movie. Sony owns the rights to Morbius and made a Morbius film already, which should have launched this year. Sony supposedly wants to make a Kraven the Hunter TV series tied to the MCU and its own SPUMC universe of Spider-Man characters.

Captain Marvel 2

Captain Marvel

is not an MCU Phase 4 film — or it’s not confirmed as being part of Phase 4. We know the movie is in the works, and we expect it in theaters in 2022.

The title of the film is Captain Marvel: Secret Invasion, which would fit perfectly with previous rumors that said the film would adapt the Secret Invasion storyline.

Jude Law is reportedly coming back. A slew of characters will be in this one as well, including Monica Rambeau, War-Machine, Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, Maria Hill, Nick Fury, and Talos. Commander of SWORD Abigail Brand is supposedly going to be introduced in the film, with Keira Knightly and Kate Winslet in the running for the role.

Captain Marvel
Brie Larson playing Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel in the MCU. Image source: Marvel Studios

Ant-Man 3

Just like Captain Marvel 2, the next Ant-Man film isn’t technically part of MCU Phase 4. But the film is official already. The leak says that Emma Fuhrmann will return as Cassie Lang. Other returning characters include Luis and Janet van Dyne.

But the best thing about Ant-Man 3, according to this leak, is Reed Richards. That’s right; the film might set up the arrival of Fantastic Four in the MCU.

Finally, the leak says that Jonathan Majors will be playing Kang, one of the big villains heading to the MCU.

Moon Knight

Marc Spector will supposedly be the first MCU character that is truly flawed, but it’s unclear what that means.

Ms. Marvel

Brie Larson will appear in the Ms. Marvel TV series at some point, which is hardly surprising.

Assorted Musings

One of the leaks says that Alison Brie and Anna Kendrik are boh considered for a Squirrel Girl TV show for Disney+. Marvel also approached Aaron Paul for an unknown role.

Disney is also looking to make more R-rated movies under the Marvel umbrella, and it’s looking at John Landgraf to lead the Marvel Max or Marvel R brand. The exec is supposedly hesitant to leave FX.

Speaking of R-rated character, a wilder claim of one of the two 4chan leaks says that Disney is looking at pairing Deadpool vs. Predator to revive the Predator franchise. That’s the least interesting MCU project I can think of, but as long as Deadpool is in it…

The Punisher might make a comeback as a Hulu show, a leak says, which means it might not be part of the MCU in any capacity.

A clip from YouTube channel Everything Always goes through all these leaks, and you can check it out below.

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