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Marvel’s new Avengers have begun to assemble

Published Jun 20th, 2020 1:05PM EDT
Marvel Movies
Image: Marvel Studios

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  • All Marvel movies and TV series included in Phase 4 have been delayed as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic.
  • Some US states have started reopening their economies, and Marvel is expected to resume production on several projects that were paused in recent months.
  • A variety of rumors surfaced this week, offering details on several MCU Phase 4 movies and TV series that are expected to finish reshoots or principal photography soon.
  • Other reports say Marvel is casting new roles and looking to ink deals with new talent for upcoming projects.

The novel coronavirus has ruined movies in 2020. Like any other indoor spaces populated by large crowds, theaters pose a considerable risk of COVID-19 transmission. That’s why they’ve been closed for months around the world, and why it’s still risky to go see a movie right now as your community is reopening. Some studious went ahead and experimented with online-first movie releases, seeing some success with the strategy. However, every 2020 blockbuster that matters has been delayed by several months. The delays have hurt Disney most when it comes to its Marvel properties, which bring in billions of dollars each year. That’s because all of these movies are interconnected. It’s this type of storytelling that turned Endgame in the most talked-about film the decade, allowing Disney to shatter all records at the box office. Disney is now betting that the Marvel way of presenting intricate stories will help it sell its Disney+ streaming service to millions of people who are hooked on the Avengers films.

The pandemic forced Disney to delay its Black Widow premiere, and this had a cascading effect on all MCU Phase 4 titles. All the movies had to be postponed, and it’s not just Disney’s desire to release these films in theaters that caused the delays. Production was paused for all MCU Phase 4 adventures, with Black Widow being the only completed project so far. Social distancing measures halted work on all the new Marvel TV series that should have been released this year, and principal photography wasn’t yet done on any of them. However, as US states and other countries start to reopen, we’re hearing more and more rumors that Marvel has begun re-assembling its old and new Avengers for Phase 4.

Black Widow comes early

The first MCU Phase 4 film should be released on November 6th, and the film is more likely to be delayed yet again than to be released on Disney+ if the pandemic gets worse. But some people might get to see it earlier than that, and that’s NBA players and their families who will stay at the Walt Disney World resort while playing games in Orlando.

The Eternals reshoots

The Eternals

is Marvel’s biggest non-Avengers film to feature an ensemble cast since Captain America: Civil War. The movie will introduce a variety of new heroes and a few of them will probably make the jump to the new Avengers team. The film should was slated for release in early November, but that launch date was given to Black Widow. Reshoots are apparently still needed for the movie, with actress Salma Hayek having taken to Instagram a few days ago to announce that she is working on reshoots. She didn’t say what movie she was working on, but it can only be The Eternals.

WandaVision to launch this year?

One of the most hotly anticipated attractions from Phase 4 is the WandaVision limited TV series that was supposed to be released this year. It’s unclear whether the series will be ready for a 2020 premiere, but Pop in a Box just confirmed an exclusive Scarlet Witch Funko Pop product that will be released in December or January. The merchandise will probably not be released too far in advance of the show’s premiere, so as not to spoil any secrets. Then again, we’ve seen all sorts of toys pop up well ahead of the Marvel titles they were connected to, including Endgame-branded products.

Separately, Murphy Multiverse reports that Kathryn Hahn said during a podcast interview that she hopes to resume filming on the TV series. The actress will play a mysterious character in the film, with the report noting that she might be Agatha Harkness in the show.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier for 2020

We’ve already discussed the possibility of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier starting to shoot in the coming months. The TV series should have premiered in August, but it’s unlikely Disney will release it on time. Since then, Anthony Mackie’s personal makeup artist Latoya Henderson indicated that the series could still launch this year despite delays. “We’re getting a Black Captain America this year, so let’s not cancel 2020 just yet,” she said.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Instagram screenshot from Anthony Mackie’s personal makeup artist Latoya Henderson.

Loki to resume filming


is also a highly anticipated Disney+ project, one that we expected to see on Disney+ soon after The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision. Actress Sophia Dimartino seemed to indicate on social media that filming could resume soon. Moreover, Tom Hiddleston was spotted by a fan in Georgia a few days ago, according to Murphy’s Multiverse.

Tom Hiddleston's Loki
Actor Tom Hiddleston playing Loki in a teaser trailer for the Loki Disney+ TV series. Image source: Marvel

New mutants and Warriors

Marvel now has the rights to use all the mutants in the MCU, and to actually make its own X-Men movies. However, none of the Phase 4 films or TV series will have X-Men leads. WandaVision will feature mutants, of course. Wanda, her brother, and her children are all mutants who are expected to appear in the series. But several other mutants could be introduced in the upcoming films and TV shows.

Insider Daniel Richtman says Marvel will introduce Firestar soon, with MCU Cosmic speculating that the mutant will be used to bring another team of superheroes to the MCU — the New Warriors.

Hawkeye sees progress

Hawkeye is just a guy with a bow, and he hasn’t received enough attention in the MCU so far. Phase 4 does include a Hawkeye series that will probably bring us his replacement on the Avengers team. A different MCU Cosmic report says that Marvel is casting a new character for the TV series. That’s Echo, although we have no other information about it for now.

Captain Marvel 2 might have a director

The same story that said Hawkeye production is casting a new role brings us an even more exciting scoop. Marvel Studios has been talking with Deborah Chow about multiple projects. She directed episodes of Jessica Jones and Iron Fist, but the new gig would be much bigger than that. MCU Cosmic speculates that Chow may land a project like Captain Marvel 2. Chow previously worked with Disney on the highly successful Disney+ Star Wars TV series, The Mandalorian.

Captain Marve
Still image from the Captain Marvel movie. Image source: Marvel Studios

Ms. Marvel is casting

Finally, Murphy’s Multiverse reported earlier this week that Marvel has resumed casting for Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel. We have no news about who will play the superhero, but Murphy writes that there’s a lot of interest in the role and that Marvel is “clearly taking great care to get right.” The TV series should be filmed in Atlanta, which is the home of other Marvel productions.

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