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Marvel might soon confirm the biggest ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ spoiler

July 8th, 2021 at 11:10 PM
No Way Home Trailer

Marvel’s first MCU film of the year hits theaters and Disney+ on Friday. But there’s another Phase 4 movie we’re all dying to see. Spider-Man: No Way Home premieres a week before Christmas. Any Spider-Man movie will be exciting to fans of the superheroes, but No Way Home has something no other Spider-Man movie does. It’s going to explore the multiverse. We’ve known Spider-Man 3’s biggest spoiler for months. It’s a massive secret that Marvel and Sony simply could not keep. And it’s the kind of spoiler you can hardly avoid, as everyone is talking about it. But Marvel might soon confirm everything according to a new leak. We’ll have to wait for the second No Way Home trailer to drop, however. Beware, other MCU spoilers might follow below, in addition to Spider-Man 3’s big open secret.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home will reunite Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland. These are the three Spider-Man actors that appeared in Sony’s Spider-Man films this century. The latter remains the MCU’s main protagonist in the multiverse film, which will also see many famous villains from the three Spider-Man timelines. The big baddies will drop into the primary MCU reality, and the three Spider-Men will have to deal with the matter with the help of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch).

Where is the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer?

This is all you need to know about No Way Home to want to see the movie as soon as it comes out. The film doesn’t even need a trailer to sell that story. And Marvel and Sony haven’t been precisely rushing to launch one. But a new leak from a source that produced accurate Loki episode 5 details tells us Marvel and Sony will disclose this big Spider-Man 3 spoiler in the second No Way Home trailer.

Sony started the Far From Home marketing campaign a lot earlier than Marvel would have wanted back in 2019. Sony showed footage from the film featuring Tom Holland’s Peter Parker at a time when Spider-Man was dead. We were still waiting for Endgame to come out and confirm that all our beloved heroes would be resurrected.

This time around, Marvel and Sony are taking their time with the first Spider-Man 3 trailer. The film launches on December 17th, but the studios do not appear too eager to release any footage. Marvel confirmed the big No Way Home toy leaks as soon as they came out a few days ago. And Kevin Feige did address the big elephant in the room while promoting Black Widow. But that’s all the No Way Home marketing we got so far.

The big Spider-Man 3 leak

With that in mind, a Redditor claims that Marvel and Sony will show all three Spider-Men in the second trailer:

Tobey and Andrew will not appear in the first trailer. The villains are teased, but Tobey and Andrew won’t show up until the SECOND trailer.

Such claims can’t be verified at this time. And Marvel can easily change the trailers. After all, Feige did confirm they follow closely all online chatter about the MCU.

But the leaker proved he or she had access to MCU details. The person revealed on Twitter that Kid Loki’s Nexus event was killing Thor and that the pruned variants go to Alioth. The leaker claimed that many Loki versions are yet to be seen and that season 1 will not be the last time we see them. They also provided a big Black Widow spoiler, revealing the Taskmasker’s identity — and it’s who we heard it would be.

The leaker then dropped a bunch of No Way Home leaks, including the claim that the big Maguire-Garfield-Holland secret will all be revealed in the second trailer. When will that be? The leaker did not say.

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