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Insider claims Scarlet Witch projects are in the works at Marvel

Updated Dec 5th, 2022 1:27PM EST
Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch
Image: Marvel Studios

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The next time you see Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, you might not be rooting for the Scarlet Witch. The Super Bowl trailer shows that Wanda will be a lot more powerful in the upcoming movie, becoming the true Scarlet Witch that emerged at the end of WandaVision. The trailer also suggests that Wanda will be the villain, something that various leaks have indicated so far.

But we’re already seeing the first reports that Olsen isn’t done playing the Scarlet Witch. After a rumor said that the actress inked another deal with Marvel, we now have an insider detailing those plans. Mind you, some spoilers might follow below.

The first signs that Wanda was getting more powerful came in Infinity War. But it’s really the final Endgame battle that showed how fierce Wanda could be. It was after that movie that Kevin Feige said that Wanda is the most powerful Avenger.

Why is the Scarlet Witch so powerful?

That was even before WandaVision, where we discovered what grief did to Wanda. She enslaved an entire town, mind-controlling everyone, into playing characters in a pretend world where she got the chance to experience a happy life with Vision (Paul Bettany) and have kids.

By the end of the show, Wanda discovered the truth about herself and obtained the Darkhold book of magic that will train her skills beyond what we’ve seen so far.

Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl Trailer
Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) at the Illuminati compound, wearing a bloodied white shirt. Image source: Marvel Studios

That’s to say the Scarlet Witch we’ll see in Doctor Strange 2 will be a lot more dangerous than before. She’ll be driven by the same line of thinking as in WandaVision. She’ll want to save those closest to her — in this case, her children. They might have been imaginary kids in WandaVision, but she’ll be going after the real ones from the multiverse in the upcoming movie.

It’s not just her innate abilities that make Wanda so powerful. Or the Darkhold knowledge. It’s the love for others that drives Wanda, whether it’s Endgame, WandaVision, or Multiverse of Madness.

But if these early Scarlet Witch rumors are accurate, Wanda’s descent into evil will not lead to the character’s demise. We might see other movies or TV shows featuring the character, including a standalone Scarlet Witch project.

The newest Scarlet Witch rumors come from a well-known insider, MyTimeToShineHello. She says that Marvel is developing two projects right now, both featuring Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda.

A Scarlet Witch movie in the works?

One is an adaptation of The Children’s Crusade, and the other is a standalone Scarlet Witch project. It’s unclear whether these are movies or TV shows, but anything is possible considering the growing reach of Disney Plus.

It wouldn’t be surprising for one of these projects to be a movie, given that Wanda is incredibly popular with MCU fans. That popularity, by the way, will make it so difficult to see the Scarlet Witch become a villain in Doctor Strange 2. But we do expect Wanda to redeem herself by the end of the movie or start making amends for all the harm she has inflicted on others.

Getting back to the Scarlet Witch projects, Murphy’s Multiverse explains that The Children’s Crusade would be based on the Avengers: The Children’s Crusade comics. Put differently. This could be a Young Avengers story featuring some of the younger heroes that Marvel is bringing to the MCU.

Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl Trailer
Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) is Doctor Strange trailer 2. Image source: Marvel Studios

We saw some of them already, with Doctor Strange 2 expected to deliver new versions of Wanda’s kids. The Children’s Crusade will tell the story of Billy and Tommy teaming up with other Young Avengers to track Wanda down.

The standalone Scarlet Witch movie or TV show is more mysterious. The blog speculates that the film could take place after The Children’s Crusade. It could follow James Robinson’s 2016 Marvel Comics series, The Scarlet Witch. But that’s just speculation.

The main takeaway here seems to be that Scarlet Witch will have a future beyond Doctor Strange 2. Therefore, we should see Elizabeth Olsen in other MCU projects, possibly including other Avengers movies.

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