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First trailer released for the new ‘Ghostbusters’ movie

Ghostbusters 2016 First Trailer Released

There’s a new Ghostbusters movie coming out this summer and, much to the chagrin of some longtime fans, its main protagonists are all women. Yes, the fact that Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones will be playing the Ghostbusters in the upcoming blockbuster has greatly upset some people and you can see that discontent reflected in the massive number of thumbs-down votes the movie’s first trailer is getting on its YouTube page.

Speaking of… the new Ghostbusters released its first trailer on Thursday and its gives us some hints of what’s in store for us later this year.

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It seems that McCarthy, Wiig and McKinnon will be playing three physicists with an interest in paranormal phenomena, while Jones will play a Metropolitan Transportation Authority staffer who “knows New York.” There are plenty of ghosts shown in the trailer and lots of slimy ectoplasm as well. It also seems that ghosts in the movie are now capable of possessing people, which opens up the opportunity for all kinds of slapstick comedy.

Fans of the original movie will be happy to see O.G. Ghostbusters Dan Akroyd and Ernie Hudson in the new movie as well.

Check out the full trailer for yourself below.

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