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Disney just previewed 10 minutes of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ – here are all the major spoilers

Published Apr 6th, 2019 2:51PM EDT
Avengers: Endgame Spoilers
Image: Marvel Studios

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We’re in the endgame of Disney and Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame marketing campaign. The two companies seem to be pulling out all the stops in the weeks leading up to what will likely be the biggest movie of 2019 — and I say that being fully aware that the finale of the third Star Wars trilogy is hitting theaters too.

This week alone we saw a Special Look clip that qualifies as a new Endgame trailer considering all the new footage Marvel revealed, as well as a TV spot that contained a few new scenes. On top of that, the Avengers: Endgame scene that was first shown during the Disney shareholders meeting in early March was again shared with a limited audience, this time at CinemaCon 2019. If you though the two companies would stop there, you were wrong.

Disney just shared some 10 minutes of the upcoming Avengers movie with select press members, revealing several major spoilers. If you want to avoid any of that, here’s your chance to walk away. What’s about to follow will surely influence your thoughts about what you think happens in the movie.

The old spoilers

The folks over at GameSpot said their “minds=blown” after watching the two scenes, even though one of them isn’t a secret anymore. That’s right, Disney played the shareholders meeting/CinemaCon scene for the third time.

Image source: Marvel Studios

We’ve already talked about it a couple of times, and some bits were already shown in the recent Endgame clips.

To recap, we’re looking at a bunch of the surviving Avengers talking about how to tackle the Thanos threat at the Avengers compound. We have Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Natasha, Rhodey, Rocket, and Thor in attendance. Joining them is Captain Marvel, who we just saw arrive on Earth in the Captain Marvel post-credits scenes, as well as Nebula, who’s back on Earth. Tony Stark, who was stranded with her in space, isn’t in this scene.

Image source: Marvel Studios

They talk about going after Thanos as soon as possible, with Captain Marvel being very confident she can defeat him. That’s when they decide they should go after the Titan, after finding out where he is. Nebula knows precisely where he retired to, and Rocket detected an energy signature similar to the one registered on Earth during the Snap. That’s how several old and new Avengers end up in the Benatar. Practically everyone aside from Bruce Banner and Nebula are seen in the shot below, although Thanos’s daughter is probably on the ship as well.

Image source: Marvel Studios

There is, however, a brand new detail in this scene that wasn’t emphasized enough in previous reports about it. Per GameSpot, “we learned in this footage that the Stones may still be functional enough for the Avengers to use them to undo the Snap–at least, that’s their immediate plan.”

The new spoilers

The most exciting thing coming out of this new footage is a brad new scene that takes place very early in the movie: Tony and Nebula in space. The trailers have already shown bits of Tony’s message to Pepper, but the scene that Disney just shared with the press has a ton of exciting spoilers from it.

Image source: Marvel Studios

First of all, we’re told that Tony and Nebula have been stranded in space for 22 days following the battle on Titan. That’s why they have no more food or water, and oxygen is about to run out. Well, it’s actually Tony that tells Pepper all these things in the message he’s recording.

Image source: Marvel

Tony suffered major wounds after Thanos stabbed him, he tells Pepper. That was a massive blade going through his gut, after all, and it easily could have killed him. However, Tony was lucky to have Nebula by his side. Apparently, he’s contracted some sort of infection, but he’s recovering thanks to her medical abilities.

Image source: Marvel

Aside from “fixing” Tony, the two tried to repair the ship as well, but they’re having real trouble with the fuel cells. They’ve managed to get themselves about two days’ of flight time, but “they’re light years from the nearest 7/11.”

With all that in mind, Tony tells Pepper he expects he won’t make it, and that’s when he closes the heartbreaking message to Pepper in the trailers that we all saw, telling her that he’ll be thinking of Pepper when he drifts away.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Disney may have also shown the press the actual opening scene of Endgame. In spite of their dire situation, Tony and Nebula are sort of bored in space. As the Marvel logo appears, the song Dear Mr. Fantasy plays in the background, as the two play paper football. That’s both hilarious and gut-wrenching at the same time. We know these two are all alone in space, yet they haven’t given up on trying to survive.

Image source: Marvel

What Disney didn’t reveal is how they’ll be saved. But once they’re rescued, they’ll probably make it to Earth right after Captain Marvel arrives. That means the first fight against Thanos, which will probably result in a new Avengers defeat, will take place early in the first act of the movie, setting the tone for everything that follows.

Avengers: Endgame premieres on April 26th, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see more fragments from these scenes show up on YouTube in the coming days.

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