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Brilliant ‘Captain Marvel’ theory explains how the movie ties to ‘Infinity War’ and ‘Endgame’

Published Feb 18th, 2019 3:32PM EST
Captain Marvel Post-Credits
Image: Marvel Studios

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Captain Marvel

, the last Marvel movie to launch before Avengers: Endgame, will not only introduce a brand new hero and give us a look back at the early days of Nick Fury and Phil Coulson, but it’ll also set in motion events that will affect the entire timeline, from the 1990s all the way to Infinity War and beyond. And now we’ve got a brilliant theory that explains how Captain Marvel will be tied to Infinity War and Endgame.

A few days ago, we saw a fan theory that said Nick Fury knew about the snap all along. He’s been waiting for it to happen for decades, and he’s been preparing for it accordingly. This would explain not only the Avengers Initiative, but also why he’s carrying a sophisticated pager in the 21st century, a device whose only purpose is to call upon the services of a particular hero.

Reddit user woot_wooten thinks that Fury and Captain Marvel will learn everything there is to know about Thanos in the Captain Marvel post-credits scene from none other than a friendly neighborhood magician who can move backward and forward in time while Avengers and Guardians discuss an anti-Thanos plan on Titan — Stephen Strange:

At the end of Captain Marvel Nick Fury and Captain Marvel will be talking then suddenly someone will call out to them. They’ll turn around and see Dr. Strange. He’ll explain to them what’s happening with Thanos in the future and explain that they’ll need Captain Marvel’s help in order to defeat him. Doctor Strange will then close his eyes and you’ll hear Stark calling out to him. When he opens them, he’ll be back on Titan right after he supposedly viewed all possible outcomes.

This will help explain why Nick fury knows to contact Captain Marvel in Infinity war and help bring Carol Danvers into the rest of the MCU.

Yes, Strange is the hero who masterminds everything. He places all the pieces on the board and makes sure certain events will happen in the only order that allows them to beat Thanos and save everybody.

The theory also has a gem that further proves that Doctor Strange may indeed interact with Fury at some point in the past, long before the two characters will meet. And it’s a detail many people, including yours truly, missed many years ago when watching The Winter Soldier:

Also in one of the Captain America movies there was a “plot hole” where a shield agent said he watches superhuman beings, and he said Steven Strange’s name. This took place before he got in the car accident and became Dr.strange so fury and shield had no reason to be watching him yet… unless he already knew he would get powers because Strange went back in time to visit him.

Here’s that scene where Strange’s name is mentioned:

Notice how Strange appears on a list of people who Hydra is following, as a result of some advanced algorithm that looks at everything one does to determine whether or not he or she is a threat. But most interestingly, notice how they don’t even bother to ask questions about any of the people the agent mentions. But, in hindsight, Stephen Strange is a surprising inclusion on that list, as The Winter Soldier took place before he got his powers. Sure, the algorithm may be why Strange would be a person of interest. The other explanation might be that Fury knows the future.

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