Splitting a bowling ball with an axe sounds like the kind of futile activity you should not try at home, mainly because it’s not likely you’d succeed. But there is one way this trick could work, and the following video proves it can be done.

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The guys from How Ridiculous, known for their wild basketball trick shots, have recently fired golf balls at an axe, hoping to split them. They were so successful at it that fans asked them to break bowling balls with an axe next.

To pull it off, they crafted a special axe that has a steel handle and a blade facing upwards. The whole thing is reinforced by a few feet of concrete and sand. Then they climbed a 150 feet tower with a bunch of bowling balls and released them towards the axe. Carrying the bowling bowls up there is also a very impressive feat.

With the help of gravity and their mad basketball skills, they actually managed to split open a few bowling balls and filmed the entire thing.

You can watch the full video below, complete with slow motion footage that shows you exactly how the axe cuts through bowling balls falling on top of its blade.

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