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The next mind-blowing Avengers storyline like ‘Endgame’ might’ve just leaked

Updated Feb 12th, 2020 9:57AM EST
Avengers Movies
Image: Marvel Studios

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Avengers: Endgame

delivered the perfect end to the Infinity Saga — yes, Spider-Man: Far From Home was the last film in MCU Phase 3, but it seemed like an afterthought. More than a decade of intertwined stories culminated with a two-part Avengers adventure that paid off immensely. Marvel is already looking to recreate that magic, but the next Endgame film will need years of buildup if it’s going to work as well. We need a new storyline, a new Avengers team, and at least one new badass villain. That’s probably why we don’t even have an Avengers 5 film scheduled for Phase 4, and MCU Phase 5 might not contain one either if a recent leak is to be believed.

Of course, the Avengers franchise is Marvel’s most prized possession and we’ll probably see versions of the beloved team of superheroes down the road, once Marvel sets all the other pieces of the puzzle in place. An insider now claims to have knowledge of an unannounced Disney+ TV series that will be included in the MCU, and it might help introduce the next big Avengers storyline.

Even before the leaks started pouring in, Secret Invasion seemed like the most logical evolution of the over-arching Avengers storyline. Bad Skrulls, a race of aliens that was introduced last year with the help of Captain Marvel and Far From Home, would infiltrate Earth and masquerade as some of our favorite heroes. Having to deal with the revelation that some of the Avengers are actually Skrulls in disguise would be a massive blow for the audience. And if good Skrulls are working with Fury to build the SWORD agency, then the MCU must have evil Skrulls in it as well.

Daniel Richtman said in his Patreon account (via MCU Cosmic) said there is a Secret Invasion series in the works that will tie into Captain Marvel 2. The story will involve the Kree and the Skrulls, as well as SWORD, which we know from leaked set photos and videos that will be introduced officially in WandaVision.

Richtman has posted MCU scoops on his Twitter and Patreon channels before, so his claims are definitely worth paying attention to. That’s especially true in this case because a different source, Rich Johnston from Bleeding Cool, said a few weeks ago that a Secret Invasion series for Disney+ is in the works, and that it’ll also tie in with the unannounced Captain Marvel sequel. The same report also said that Marvel is working on a second unannounced Marvel series that will be a solo series for a Loki type character.

What is interesting is that Disney CEO Bob Iger said a few days ago that Marvel has 10 TV series in the works, which seemed like a strange figure at the time. That’s because Marvel announced 14 titles for Phase 4, of which six are movies. That leaves eight TV series. ComicBook speculated at the time that the remaining two might be non-fiction shows that don’t have anything to do with the main MCU story. But what if Iger was referring to unannounced MCU TV series?

Separately, other reports said that Captain Marvel might be set for a 2022 premiere — Marvel confirmed last July that the sequel was in the works without revealing an actual launch date. If that’s accurate, then the Secret Invasion TV series should hit the streaming service before Captain Marvel, or around the same time. Marvel has eight dates reserved for Phase 5 (2022-2023), four each year. Of those, only Black Panther 2 has a confirmed launch date so the rest are up in the air.

Finally, we’ve seen other rumors teasing the Secret Invasion storyline for future Avengers movies, but no definitive proof that it’s going to happen. Richtman’s report adds more weight to those rumors, but it’s obviously still not a confirmation.

Marvel TV shows have two exciting main characteristics. The first one is pretty obvious: they’re all connected to a much bigger story and they make more sense if you’re also up to date with the movies. But because of this unique connection, it’s not likely for most of them to get multiple seasons. Think about it, while a second season of Loki might make sense, WandaVision is a one-off. That means Marvel will surely announce new MCU content for Disney+ in the very near future, maybe as soon as this summer. If Secret Invasion is supposed to premiere in 2022, Marvel Studios will have to announce it pretty soon.

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