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More ‘Avengers: Endgame’ leaks prove time travel will be used to bring everyone back to life

Published Feb 17th, 2019 1:23PM EST
Avengers: Endgame Spoilers
Image: Marvel

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The Avengers 4 premiere is almost here,and the closer we get to Endgame, the more leaks we see. Disney and Marvel won’t reveal anything about the upcoming blockbuster, as expected, but some of their partners who sell Endgame-based merchandise are dropping spoiler after spoiler. And we now have more confirmation that time travel will be used in the plan that will ultimately undo the deaths from Infinity War.

Like I said before, there’s no question that Endgame will show us the one future out of the more than 14 million possibilities that Doctor Strange saw in which the Avengers beat Thanos. No matter how dramatic the events are at the end of Endgame, and no matter what personal sacrifices they must make, the Avengers will win and bring almost all the people who died from the snap back to life.

Over the past few months, we’ve looked at several leaks that suggested the Avengers will go to the Quantum Realm wearing the same kind of suit that Hank Pym had on in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Initially, we saw concept art for Avengers 4 that some people said might be fake. But in the past few months, we saw more and more leaks that proved those costumes were real. The Avengers will have matching suits that are predominantly white, featuring the Avengers logo, and we saw plenty of action figures and Lego toy sets that supported that idea. These toys went on sale much earlier than expected in some markets, and it’s very likely they’re all based on the movie. Here’s a reminder of what some of them look like:

Image source: Twitter

With that in mind, you have to check Merchoid’s new additions to the “Marvel officially licensed merchandise” category. We’re looking at caps and hoodies that show the same color palette as the new armor. The new suits are called “Advanced Tech,” and it’s the kind of tech you’d expect Tony Stark to be working on.

Image source: Merchoid

Fan theories explained recently that Doctor Strange kept Tony Stark alive because he needed his brain to come up with the tech that will help them beat Thanos. Making suits for the Quantum Realm is the kind of power only Tony wields. Of course there’s nothing to confirm that the suits are indeed meant for Quantum Realm travel. But it makes perfect sense to assume that’s their purpose. Marvel didn’t show Pym’s Quantum Realm attire by mistake in Ant-Man 2. All the little details matter in these moves.

Also, there’s one more thing to note about the image above, and it’s the background image that instantly reminds us of the Quantum Realm.

Moving on, we have one more important Endgame leak, as seen in the following images from Instagram. We’re looking at a Lego Iron Man minifig that also sports the same white suit:

More importantly, we get to see that the package includes Iron Man and fan-favorite character Dum-E. Here’s another look at them:

If you’re a fan of the series, then you surely remember Dum-E, the friendly-but-not-too-smart robot that helped Tony around the lab in previous Iron Man and Avengers movies. Here’s a scene where Dum-E saved his life:

But what’s interesting here is that Lego paired these particular characters together in the same package. That means the Iron Man version that wears white armor might interact with Dum-E in the film. One explanation for this is that Iron Man from the future might encounter Dum-E from the past at some point in Endgame. We also know from other Lego leaks that several old Iron Man suits will also make appearances in Endgame that are significant enough for Lego to make new minifigs based on them, as well as a set based on Tony’s lab. These toys also suggest there’s time travel in Endgame.

The simpler explanation is that Tony might make use of Dum-E once he’s back on Earth, although he should have access to more modern tech than Dum-E right now. Also, would that warrant a special new toy?

With two months to go until the Endgame premiere, we’ll surely see even more leaks from Avengers 4 merchandise makers.

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