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Huge leak details a key ‘Avengers: Endgame’ battle that will help undo the deaths in ‘Infinity War’

Published Feb 2nd, 2019 11:41AM EST
Avengers: Endgame Spoilers

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We still have no idea how Avengers: Endgame will undo all those deaths in Infinity War, but they’ll almost certainly be undone. No matter how much it’ll cost certain heroes in terms of personal loss, and no matter how dramatic for the fans, Avengers 4 will show us how the Avengers beat Thanos. It’s the endgame that Doctor Strange prophesied, the one future where they win. Of course, Marvel’s next Avengers will cover the one future where they win, not one of the other 14 million where they don’t.

While we don’t know how the Avengers will win, we’ve seen a fair share of leaks and fan theories so far, many of them suggesting that time travel will play a key role in the upcoming blockbuster. That said, get ready for a mind-bending theory as well as a leak that, if true, might totally spoil the movie for us.

Before we get started, I’ll tell you there’s no way to verify the leaks below, so you’ll have to take everything with a huge grain of salt. But I’ll point out the strange coincidence in what’s about to follow: both the fan theory and one of the leaks talk about the same place. That’s Xandar, the place where Thanos got the Power Stone from before Infinity War started.

The fan theory

Let’s get check out the fan theory first, which focuses on a detail we ignored from Infinity War. Marvel didn’t bother showing us how Thanos got the Power Stone, and Reddit user w2amit thinks that was intentional. According to him, the key to defeating Thanos is to go back in time to Xandar, where the Power Stone used to be, and to defeat Thanos before he gets his hands on this particular stone.

The Power Stone, which is what the Guardians obtained in Guardians of the Galaxy, was in the possession of the Nova Corps on Xandar by the end of the movie. As ComicBook points out, that happened at some point in 2014, three years before Odin died. And Thanos only went after the stone after Thor’s father passed away. So the Avengers would know precisely where the Power Stone was, and could attempt to get to it before Thanos.

The redditor also points out that the Avengers 4 title is purple, which can be a hint that the movie will be all about the Power Stone — here’s the full theory:

Avengers End game title is Purple from FanTheories

The toy leak

The blog ComicBook found the following tweet, which shows Lego-like MCU-based toys enacting what appears to be the final battle in Endgame.

Let’s look at the full-size image:

Image source: Twitter

This alleged toy set, which isn’t made by Lego but by a Lego knockoff company, features Thanos wielding the Infinity Gauntlet and a few scary henchmen from his army. On the Avengers’ side, we have Iron-Man and Thor, who are still alive at the end of Infinity War, as well as Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, who died after the snap. What’s interesting about the scene is that we’ve got an Infinity Gauntlet replica on the ground, which may be Tony Stark’s doing. Also, Iron Man has a rather strange costume in the scene.

Titled “Endbattle in New York,” the toy set has 213 pieces and will supposedly retail for $299.99. While it’s not made by Lego, it could very well be based on events that take place in Endgame. I am assuming here that Marvel worked with this particular toy maker from China on these sets. This brings us to…

The leaked battle scene

After seeing the toy leak posted on @nacaomarvelofc, a Twitter account populated with MCU stories in Portuguese, I went down the rabbit hole in search of similar leaks. I didn’t expect to discover a play-by-play of the purported Xandar battle scene from Endgame that was featured on that account a few days ago.

That tweet links to a website that has been known to steal content from other sites, and a site that’s currently down. But the story’s URL was still up, revealing what it was all about:


A simple search brought me to a site called Omnitos, which describes in great detail an alleged battle on Xandar between several Avengers and Thanos, although all the information comes from YouTube channel The Cosmic Wonder.

The gist of it is that Thanos is on Xandar with his Black Order and the Chitauri, and he is fighting two battles where he appears to be winning. The Chitauri are beating the Xandarians, just as Thanos and his Black Order are delivering a beating to the Avengers. 
That’s when the tables turn:

Captain America and Iron Man regroup, and Steve tells Tony that they’re not going to win this battle.

Tony says – ‘What do you propose we do because we’re out of time and down to the wire,’ Captain America replies- ‘we should cut the wire,’ right as Steve says this to Tony, Thanos shows up right in front of the Iron Man while his helmet forms around his head and Captain America lifts up his shield, but then we see Captain Marvel fly-in and punch Thanos in the face with an energy blast which sends him flying.

Captain Marvel then gives Tony a metal case that contains the power stone in it. Tony immediately gives it to the war machine, and Rhodey puts the case into a huge device.

Then there’s a huge blast that takes up the entire screen and ends the scene.

That exchange between Tony and Steve is just brilliant, a reference to the early days of the Avengers when the two didn’t exactly see eye to eye. Here’s a reminder of the dialogue that will put the entire alleged scene above in perspective:

If this leaked Endgame scene is real, then it also means that yes, Xandar is key to the whole plot to defeat Thanos and that yes, Tony Stark will be saved from space.

Like I said before, take this leak with a huge grain of salt. But I’ll add that it makes so much sense, especially given the fan theory above. The Cosmic Wonder’s video that talks about the leaked scene follows below.

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