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‘Avengers: Endgame’ insider just debunked the most controversial plot leak so far

Published Apr 23rd, 2019 12:07PM EDT
Avengers Endgame Spoilers
Image: Marvel Studios

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The world premiere of Avengers: Endgame took place on Monday night, which means people are officially talking about it… but only with spoiler-free reactions. The first reponses told us we have an epic ride ahead, one that is full of humor and heartbreak. It has even been said that Avengers 4 is by far the best film Marvel has ever made. Many MCU fans out there will do anything in their power to avoid spoilers, and that’s perfectly understandable for a movie of this magnitude. But other people don’t mind spoilers, and they actively seek them out.

The most popular leak so far has been the “Seymour” leak, which delivered a number of curious details about Endgame. We’ve been discussing them at length, and now we have some good news about that leak: we can conclusively debunk some of Seymour’s most controversial claims. That’s all thanks to an Endgame insider who already gave us some plot details for the upcoming movie, and who is now able to dispel several of Seymour’s claims. But beware, Marvel fans, because major spoilers will follow below and you should avoid them if you want Endgame to be a complete surprise.

If you love spoilers, then you’ll surely like some of the things you’re about to read. But before we get into it, you should remember the Russos brothers’ plea not to spoil Endgame for anyone. This is your second and final warning that major spoilers follow below.

The Seymour leaks

Seymour didn’t offer us a regular plot leak on Reddit, but he delivered several details about Endgame that a different Redditor compiled over several days.

Among those revelations, two significant details stood out. First of all, the leaker claimed that Steve Rogers would not die by the end of the movie. Instead, he would travel back in time to go to the past and be with Peggy. That’s a theory many other Redditors hated immediately, no matter how much sense it made. I explained at the time why going back in time would not ruin Steve’s arc, precisely because of who he is.

The second claim the Redditor made was that the Soul Stone is unique in the universe and can’t be replicated. Once Clint and Nat go to Vormir to get the Stone and make the ultimate sacrifice, the Stone would disappear from Thanos’s gauntlet, which would alert him to the Avengers’ scheme. Nat would die sacrificing for the Stone, but she’d be brought back to life in the final battle on Vormir or Titan when Captain America destroys the Soul Stone with his shield, breaking the vibranium weapon in the process. The leaker said Natasha would be resurrected, this way.

Image source: Marvel Studios

The ‘Batman’ leaks

This brings us to our Batman, the Endgame insider who has seen the movie and reached out to BGR with plot details about the film in an attempt to correct the fake leakers out there. Batman did not provide a scene-by-scene walkthrough of Endgame, but he or she did offer us several clues that seemed to reinforce Seymor’s leak at the time.

Batman explained why time travel is needed and how it works, revealing that it’s not something the Avengers can use whenever they want. The leaker also revealed how the film starts, and that the main fight against Thanos will take place five years in the future, which is when the Avengers realize they can finally do something about the snap. We were also told that Stan Lee has a brief cameo, and the post-credits scenes aren’t what we expect from a Marvel film.

As for the ending, the insider said that two major characters would die by the end of Avengers 4… but not Captain America. He would end up retiring in the past, with Peggy, as part of a mission.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Seymour’s claims debunked


then reached out to explain that most details from Seymour’s big leak are wrong. That person may have seen the movie, or at least parts of it, but he has apparently misinterpreted the plot, or he’s just making stuff up.

Batman says that the Soul Stone isn’t unique and any Infinity Gauntlet needs six stones to work. We already know from previous toy leaks that Tony Stark is making his own version of the Infinity Gauntlet. Therefore, the Soul Stone can’t be destroyed, and certainly not in the manner Seymour claims it is — destroying it would ruin their chances to undo the snap. That also means Thanos won’t learn about the Avengers’ plan by noticing that the Soul Stone has just vanished from his Infinity Gauntlet.

The Avengers go after the Stones in the past because Thanos destroys his Gauntlet early in the film, Batman said. That’s why the Avengers can register that huge energy spike that’s similar to the one that followed the snap. That scene is already public, having been shown a bunch of times ahead of the film’s premiere.

After finding Thanos on his retirement planet, they will kill him and realize they can’t undo the snap without the stones, which was the objective of their early mission. Again, this is a known detail thanks to all the scenes Marvel has shown. The Avengers want to grab the Infinity Gauntlet and undo everything.

They’ll have to wait some five years before they actually start traveling back in time, because that’s when Scott Lang comes out of the Quantum Realm, revealing to them that time travel is possible.

Moving on to Captain America’s fate — and this is where you won’t like Batman’s revelations — the insider said that Cap does indeed go back in time, but not as Seymour described. And he doesn’t go back to the period you expect. Rather than hitting the 1940s, Rogers ends up in the 1970s, and that’s where he ends up staying. If the 1970s sound familiar, that’s because we already know from previous leaks that we’ll have scenes from that period. With that in mind, the dance with Peggy that Steve wanted for so many years will not take place at the end of the war in a ballroom, the way Steve saw it in his Wanda-induce nightmare in Age of Ultron, but a quiet living room. It’s all “beautifully done,” and it’s the dance Steve always wanted but couldn’t have.

That said, I still stand by my theory that staying with Peggy as part of his last Avengers mission is an excellent send-off for Cap, no matter how much controversy it stirred up.

One other major difference from Seymour’s leaks is that the final battle actually takes place on Earth, rather than on Vormir or Titan.

Which one is the real deal?

Now, if Seymour’s leak is mostly fake, you might ask how can we trust Batman. I would tell you that you should take everything with a grain of salt with every leak. Worst-case scenario, you’ll be surprised in a theater near you when you see Endgame later this week. But given everything I’ve seen out there in the past few days, and the fact that the film’s world premiere just happened, I’ll tell you I have every reason to believe Batman at this point. Seymour’s leak, meanwhile, should be entirely dismissed.

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