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‘Avengers: Endgame’ plot details from someone who says they saw the movie

Published Apr 22nd, 2019 6:04PM EDT
Avengers: Endgame Plot
Image: Marvel Studios

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We’re in the homestretch, Marvel fans. Avengers: Endgame is right around the corner. The official premiere is set for Monday afternoon in Los Angeles, and the first spoiler-free reviews will be coming out a day later. Theaters in some markets will start showing Endgame as soon as Wednesday, April 24th — two days ahead of the official April 26th launch date. What I’m getting at is that you only have a few days ago of avoiding spoilers, whether they come from the plethora of Endgame clips that Marvel’s putting out, or from leakers who keep sharing plot details over on Reddit, 4chan, and other places.

That also means you have to avoid the Endgame spoilers we’re about to share with you. On the other hand, if you’ve been devouring every piece of available Avengers information for the past year, whether it’s a brand new trailer, TV spot, fan theory, or plot leak, then you need to read the following spoilers as well.

Whether you’re a fan of spoilers or not, remember not to drop Endgame spoilers yourself when you’re out and about, discussing this massive Marvel undertaking with people who may not have seen the movie. It’s the right thing to do, and yes, I’m going to remind you about the Russo’s letter to avoid spoiling the film:

An anonymous person who claims they saw Avengers: Endgame recently reached out to BGR to correct some of the popular Endgame leaks going around, some of which are apparently wrong. The person, whom I’ll refer to as Batman, said they would not share the entire plot of Endgame with us, revealing only certain details from the film’s plot in an attempt to clarify the other leaked spoilers.

Time Travel

Image source: Marvel Studios

Time travel will play a major role in the movie, Batman said, which is hardly a secret at this point. We all expect the surviving Avengers to go back in time to collect the Infinity Stones or replicate them. What our tipster said, however, is that time travel will be limited because it consumes mysterious resources. The film will explain how their time traveling adventures will affect the space-time continuum theory, and they’ll apparently mention Back to the Future and other time travel films.

Events from previous MCU titles, including the Battle of New York, events from Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: The Dark World will also be revisited or play a role in the movie. Take this TV spot scene showing Tony Stark wearing a SHIELD uniform while flicking off Ant-Man from his shoulders:

Image source: Marvel Studios

The Avengers’ main objective will be not to prevent Thanos from snapping his fingers, as we witnessed him do in Infinity War, but to undo the Snap once it happens.

The Avengers will attempt to take the Stones back from Thanos at the beginning of the movie, but they won’t succeed, Batman, and they’ll need some five years to figure out how to beat Thanos.

The film’s beginning

Image source: Marvel Studios

will apparently start with Hawkeye and his family, right before Thanos snaps his fingers, our tipster said. This falls in line with a scene from the trailers (above), where we do see Hawkeye wearing an ankle bracelet just like Ant-Man’s, while he’s training a young woman in the ways of the bow and arrow. We’ve always speculated that might be his family, as other people are seen in the background of what appears to be his farm from Age of Ultron.

Elsewhere in the universe, the newest Avenger will save Tony Stark early in the film, per Batman, which seems to confirm one of the popular fan theories out there, that it’ll be Captain Marvel bringing Tony Stark and Nebula home somehow.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Without revealing any spoilers for Nebula, the tipster said that she would play a key role in how the Endgame story.

The film’s beginning is rather dark, but we should expect funny moments between these Marvel characters, with Thor serving as comic relief. So far, the TV clips and trailers gave us a taste of that. Think Thor-Captain Marvel scene at the beginning, Rocket’s advice for people who haven’t gone to space not to puke in his ship, or Tony and Steve’s friendly banter about putting the team together.

Stan Lee’s cameo

Image source: Matt Baron/Shutterstock

We already know that Stan Lee’s cameo in Endgame will be his last MCU appearance, and Batman claims that Stan Lee’s appearance is brief, suggesting it doesn’t add anything to the story.

Post-credits scenes

Image source: Marvel

will not have any post-credits scenes like previous MCU movies. We do get scenes after the film, but they’re not meant to tease any future adventures. Instead, Endgame will end with a clip featuring the past characters and give a special acknowledgment to the actors who will be leaving the MCU. Seymour’s leak made a similar claim about the end credits, and a leak the other day told us that there might be just one scene after Endgame.

Major character deaths

Image source: Marvel Studios

told us two major characters will die in Endgame, without revealing who they are. He or she also said that two main characters would be heading up to Vormir, where one of them will be sacrificed, without saying who they are. Obviously, one of them has to return with the Soul Stone.

Many fan theories have tried to guess who will be sacrificed on Vormir in exchange for the Soul Stone, and there is one huge leak out there right now that names those characters. After all, Vormir is of vital importance for the movie, given what we learned in Infinity War.

While we were not told who dies in the end, Batman did tell us that Captain America will survive Endgame, although it’s not all good news.

Doctor Strange’s prophecy

Marvel StudiosImage source: Marvel Studios

Our tipster did say that Doctor Strange’s famous line from Infinity War when he told Stark that “there was no other way,” will be explained in the final battle against Thanos, where one character will make the final sacrifice. Given that Tony and Nebula were the only characters left alive on Titan after the snap, this is an implication that one of them will die. A fresh Endgame leak out there does say Tony will kill be the Avenger to sacrifice himself to kill Thanos.

Technically, Spider-Man dying after Doctor Strange in Infinity War, so he heard Strange’s strange line as well. But Spidey can’t die given that the character appears in Far From Home in early July.

Captain America

Image source: Marvel Studios

Remember this Endgame Captain America leak that fans just can’t accept? It says that Steve Rogers will retire to be with Peggy Carter once the world has been fixed, and I already explained in great detail why it makes absolute sense, no matter how much you’d hate it — check it in full at this link.

Batman tells us that the “Cap travels to the past to retire” storyline is somewhat misleading and misinterpreted. Cap goes back to Peggy’s timeline not to be with her, but because of the Avengers’ mission. That’s where he will make a mysterious “life-changing” decision.

What’s more, Seymour’s claim — the same one that tells us who will die on Vormir and that Tony will die at the end — isn’t correct about Cap being able to return to the present if he’s needed. The scarcity in resources that makes time travel itself a limited weapon in the hands of the Avengers means Steve can only make a round trip using their time traveling tech. Soon after he leaves, we’ll learn why he won’t be able to use this time traveling tool to return ever again.

Image source: Marvel Studios

I’m personally a fan of the “Cap going back in time” theory, and I’ve explained why this has to be seen as a mission for Cap, a personal sacrifice that he has to make for the plan to work. Our tipster seems to confirm at least that Cap will go back in time to be with Peggy, but as part of whatever it is they have to do to beat Thanos.

I also said that the Avengers getting a hold of time travel tricks that would allow them to return to the past and fix it whenever they need it would be a massive annoyance for the MCU. If what Batman says is accurate, then it means Marvel will make sure time travel will indeed be a limited weapon for future generations of Avengers. On the other hand, we are assuming that Doctor Strange will return, and he will regain access to that Time Stone of his.

Final thoughts

Image source: Marvel Studios

As you can see, Batman didn’t offer us a full rundown of Endgame events. The movie is, after all, three hours long, and there will be plenty of surprises left for us to discover. But he or she provided details that weren’t offered in other leaks, and the leaker also seemed to confirm one of Seymour’s main claims, albeit putting things in a different perspective.

I have reasons to believe these details are accurate, or that they make sense in a worst-case scenario, considering that I’ve been keeping an eye on everything Endgame-related for close to a year. That said, I have no way of verifying the identity of the leaker or his claim — that’s something we can also say about most online leakers. The only way we’ll know if these plot details are correct is to wait a few more days and see the film.

Thanks, Batman!

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