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Clarkson, Hammond and May can’t use ‘gear’ in the name of Amazon’s ‘Top Gear’ successor

Amazon Top Gear Name

A new Top Gear season is coming to BBC soon, but it’ll be a different show without Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May at the helm. Not a bad one, just different. Meanwhile, the three popular TV hosts are having a tough time naming the Amazon show they’re currently developing. A short teaser trailer was posted on Amazon’s U.K. YouTube channel with their musings regarding an appropriate car show title. And no, it won’t have the word “gear” in it, for legal reasons.

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“Thanks for your suggestions. But be aware: for legal reasons, we cannot use a name with the word “gear” in it,” Clarkson tweeted on Friday, responding to fans.

The 90-second clip is hilarious, offering us a quick reminder of the friendly banter we’re bound to expect from these three, regardless of what show they’d be filming.

Proposals for the “currently unnamed TV show” include “Auto mate (s),” “Tripod,” “Selling England By The Pound,” “Watcher Of The Skies.”

“Small puddle of excellence” is also a hilarious suggestion that gets shot down rather quickly and with plenty of British tact. “The Clarkson, Hammond, and May Car Show on Amazon” might be the best choice, though it is rather long.

Check out this unusual trailer for Amazon’s upcoming car show featuring the former Top Gear stars below. Oh, and aside from the cars in the image above, there aren’t any hot vehicles in this teaser.

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