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A Schitt’s Creek reboot or movie might actually happen

Published Aug 30th, 2023 12:31PM EDT
Schitts Creek cast
Image: Newscom/Mega

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It’s one of the most beloved TV comedies of the past several years, and for many of us our favorite show to come out of Canada perhaps ever. Schitt’s Creek was a zany, wholesome, and feel-good show about love and family that took its final bow after 6 seasons in mid-2020 — but if all the memes of Alexis and David in my Instagram feed tell me anything, it’s that everyone’s affection for this treasure of a TV show won’t be diminishing anytime soon. What’s more: Everyone, including the creators, still loves it so much that we might even get more Schitt’s Creek (knock on wood).

That’s according to series producer Andrew Barnsley, who told The Messenger that not only are Dan and Eugene Levy open to the idea of either a reboot or movie — “It’s something that I know (they’re) considering all the time, and I think it’s going to be a timing thing.”

As much as I know all of us would love to check in with Alexis Rose Communications, to revist the Rosebud Motel, and pick right back up with David and Patrick, Johnny and Moira, and the rest of the Schitt’s gang, this next point is the key to whatever happens or not. Nothing specific is in the works yet, and it’s because of one not-insurmountable but very important hurdle that any such effort would need to be able to cross.

Everyone involved in Schitt’s Creek still very much “loves the world,” so much so that they don’t want to do something new … just to do something new. Adds Barnsley: “The fear is, does it tarnish the legacy to go back and and revisit them in the way that maybe the Entourage movie did?”

Again, this is all still very much in the “No concrete plans yet, but the door is always open” phase — but it’s good to see some of the stars talking up the potential of this, as well. During an appearance on NBC’s Today Show just two months ago, Alexis Rose actress Annie Murphy said she’s definitely open to the idea of a reboot or renuinon. “Of course. Come on. Of course I would.”

Makes you wonder what’s on that Schitt’s Creek text thread that they’re all apparently part of. If nothing else, a reboot could finally answer the Schitt’s Creek elephant in the room for me: How in the world do you fold in the cheese?

Schitt's Creek is coming to Hulu in October.
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