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Wyze Cam v3 Spotlight has a rare discount today at Amazon

Published Mar 14th, 2022 4:42PM EDT
Image: Maren Estrada for BGR

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Do you follow the smart home market? Anyone who does will tell you that the Wyze Cam was nothing short of a game-changer when it first debuted all those years ago. It was definitely the best home security camera on Amazon.

This awesome little cord-free home security had all the same key features as cameras from big-name consumer electronics brands. But those models cost $80, $120, or even $150+ for each camera. Meanwhile, the Wyze Cam had all the main core features that everyone was looking for. Plus, it only cost around $30 per camera.

Not only that, but the Wyze Came also included 14 days of free cloud storage at no additional charge!

Wyze Cam v3 Spotlight Security Camera – Waterproof, Color Night Vision

Rating: 4.5 Stars
BGR may receive a commission

There was nothing else like that on the market at the time. As a result, Wyze forced other brands to beef up their offerings and lower their prices. But the original Wyze cam isn’t the best home security camera on Amazon anymore.

No one out there will deny that the Wyze Cam helped shape the wireless home security camera market. As a result, there are tons of other impressive low-cost options out there these days. The Wyze Cam is still among the best, but we urge you not to buy it anymore.

Why not? Because there’s a newer model called the Wyze Cam v3 Spotlight home security camera, and it’s on Amazon with a rare discount right now.

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Best home security camera on Amazon

Wyze’s awesome next-generation Wyze Cam v3 home security camera has all the key features that made the original and second-generation models so popular. That includes nice clear 1080p video, motion and sound detection, two-way audio, 14-day rolling cloud storage for free (that’s right… FREE!), and a companion app for iOS or Android that’s streamlined and easy to use.

It also integrates with smart home platforms and even supports popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Then, on top of all that, it has a fantastic new feature that colorizes night vision recordings! That way, they’re clearer, more vivid, and up to 25 times brighter. How cool is that?!

Other home security cameras are equipped with standard night vision that works pretty well, to an extent. But anyone who has seen night video captured by those cameras knows that it’s not exactly crystal clear.

In fact, plenty of footage recorded at night isn’t even clear enough to make out a person’s face. Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose?

Thankfully, there’s now an affordable home security camera that addresses this issue. And you’ll be shocked at how cheap it is right now at Amazon.

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Rare discount available on Amazon

Amazon in orange glowing text with an arrow on dark backgroundImage source: Hepta/Adobe

The upgraded Wyze Cam v3 is terrific, and it’s definitely a steal at its full retail price of just $36. The Wyze Cam still costs so much less than rival models at that price. It truly is the best home security camera on Amazon despite costing a fraction of what big brands charge.

But before you pick one up, you should know that there’s an even better deal available.

The $53 Wyze Cam v3 with Spotlight is currently on sale with an extremely rare discount. That makes today the perfect time for you to see why everyone loves this new model so much.

This is the same great camera as the base model, but it comes with an ultra-bright spotlight to make nighttime videos even clearer. It’s your chance to get a big upgrade without spending top dollar!

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Wyze Cam v3 fast facts

There’s really no question that the Wyze Cam v3 home security camera is one of the best home security cameras on Amazon. In fact, the only model that might be better is the Wyze Cam v3 with Spotlight! The latter has a huge discount right now, so now is the perfect time to stock up on them.

A couple bits of info to start. So is the Wyze v3 wired or wireless? The v3 uses USB power it does not use batteries. It also uses Wi-Fi to connect to your network.

What about the difference between the Wyze Cam v2 and v3? Both of these can record in 1080p resolution, though the latest model v3 offers an even higher FPS rate as well as a wider viewing angle for extra visibility.

Here are some more key takeaways to keep in mind:

  • The latest version of Wyze’s groundbreaking home security cameras, offering big performance upgrades and new features without a high price tag
  • Wyze’s special new color night vision feature records nighttime footage in full color, also producing recordings that are up to 25x brighter than traditional home security cameras
  • Use the new Wyze Cam v3 indoors or outside — the IP65 dust-resistance and water-resistance rating means this great camera is completely weatherproof
  • Rain or shine, snow or hail, you never need to worry about your Wyze Cam v3
  • Includes support for both motion detection and sound detection, so your camera will record video in either case
  • Special motion detection zones can be created so that only motion in a certain area of the frame will trigger a recording — this is great for outdoor locations with a busy street nearby, for example
  • Two-way audio lets you greet visitors and chat with anyone on your property
  • There’s also a siren button that lets you scare off unwanted guests without any encounters
  • Wyze Cam v3 comes with free 14-day rolling cloud storage for your clips, and you can also record locally on a microSD card
  • Video clips stored in the cloud can be viewed for 14 days or downloaded
Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

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