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This mind-blowing robotic arm kit on Amazon can write, 3D print, and shoot lasers

Published Oct 10th, 2021 11:01AM EDT
Image: Rotrics/Amazon

We still have a long way to go before we realize the dream and have robot assistants like the Jetsons. I’m talking about robots that can tackle anything and everything we throw their way. That said, there are already some pretty awesome robots out there to do our bidding. Personally, I have three types of robots that I rely on to handle chores in and around my house. But one thing I don’t have is a robotic arm kit from Amazon. After checking out the Rotrics Dexarm, however, that may soon change.

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First and foremost, I have multiple robot vacuum cleaners, one for each floor of my house. There are so many great models out there, but I personally use the Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+ and the Deebot Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI because they’re awesome models with plenty of power and great features. Most importantly, they empty themselves when they’re done vacuuming so I can ignore them entirely for months at a time. If you want something similar that doesn’t cost quite as much, the Roomba i3+ and Shark IQ are both discounted right now at Amazon.

The hottest robotic arm kit on Amazon

Next, I have a WORX WR140 Landroid M robot lawnmower that takes care of my backyard so I don’t have to. Mowing is definitely a pain in the butt. So, this little gadget is probably one of my favorite smart devices that I own. Then, on top of that, a recent addition to my robot arsenal is the Tertill garden-weeding robot. That’s right… I don’t have to worry about weeding ever again because the Tertill does it for me. Plus, it’s solar-powered so it never needs to be recharged!

Those are all awesome gadgets indeed, and I can’t imagine life without any of them at this point. But there’s another robotic gadget I’ve had my eye on lately. And it’s only a matter of time before I cave in and get one. It’s called the Rotrics Dexarm All-in-one Desktop Robot Arm, and I seriously need one in my life.

Yup… it’s a robotic arm!

Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this cool robot

This crazy device sits on your desk and depending on which model you get, it can handle all sorts of tasks. Yes, it can grab things and hold onto them to serve as an assistant of sorts. But the other functions are WAY cooler. This little puppy can write, it can draw, it can 3D print out of plastic or wood, and it can even shoot a laser that lets you laser engrave anything you want. How cool is that?!

Check out this video to see it in action:

The entry-level model sells for $799.99 and it only includes the holder module, but Amazon currently has a coupon you can clip to drop the price to $719.96. Then there’s the Dexarm Maker version that comes with the holder module, a 3D printer module, and a laser engraver module for $899.99. And finally, the Dexarm Luxury model includes all those modules plus a pneumatic “softgripper” and a pneumatic suction cup module for $999.99. Or, you can try out something similar without having to make such a large investment. Check out the xArm 6DOF Programmable Robotic Arm for just $199.99.

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Rotrics Dexarm fast facts

  • The Rotrics Dexarm is a versatile all-in-one robot arm that can do it all
  • Available modules let you write, draw pictures, 3D print objects made of plastic or wood, and even laser engrave
  • Pneumatic accessories let the robot arm pick things up, move them around, and hold them for you
  • Easy-to-use interactive software lets you control the Dexarm from your computer and bring your ideas to life in just a few clicks
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