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The new Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan takes cooling to the next level

Published Mar 24th, 2022 7:00AM EDT
Dreo tower fan
Image: Dreo

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Nobody likes being overly hot. Sure, feeling the sun on your skin has its perks, especially if you’re just coming out of a long winter. But having to sit in your own sweat and just feeling uncomfortable isn’t anybody’s idea of a fun day. When you’re sitting inside and want to escape the heat, you need to have the right equipment in your home. The new Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan is something you need to check out.

The Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan combines breakthrough technology and modern functionality to cool your rooms down quicker. One of the newest innovations from Dreo, a leading brand in household air appliances, helps keep up with competitors in the field. You’ll love the fan because it offers a better user experience to keep you cooler. Here is more info on this brand-new device.

Learn more about the Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan

The Dreo Tower fan next to a bed
The Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan Image source: Dreo

Helping to spark joy in homes and make lives better, the Dreo Tower Fan is extremely powerful yet whisper quiet. You will enjoy great use out of it in almost any room you put it in. It brings an unprecedented cooling experience. Similar to how the Dreo air purifier recycles air to give you cleaner air, this introduces a new way to circulate air to every corner of the room. The Pilot Max helps the air reach even farther, spreading up to 32 feet. This will keep more areas cooler, allowing you to spend more time throughout the home. You can buy multiple for the home to maximize the airflow.

Features for the Dreo Tower Fan

One feature that must be discussed right away is how quick and efficient it is. This can produce a jaw-dropping 1,475 CFM of air to get rid of the heat. The Bézier curve with the Pilot Max allows it to reach speeds of up to 26 ft/s. It’s faster than any fan before it. That will help you feel the almost instant sensation of cooling. Thanks to the 120-degree oscillation, it will spread the cold air more effectively.

You will barely be able to hear it also. This is great for a child’s room, as it only makes 25dB of noise. Even for those with sensitive ears, this is a solid purchase. It is the first fan to make wind noise undetectable. While it is oscillating, it will be quiet as a whisper.

The different modes

The top of the Dreo fan
The controls of the Dreo Tower Fan. Image source: Dreo

As you can see above, the controls are very simple to read. Plus, it comes with a remote, so you don’t even need to be standing at the fan to control it. There are four different modes you can use as well as 12 different speed settings. You can also customize the angle of oscillation, so you can choose between 30°, 60°, 90°, or 120°.

In auto mode, the Dreo Tower Fan will sense the ambient temperature and automatically adjust the speed of the fan. This will spare you from manually setting the controls. You’re also saving energy while doing this. It also saves you money, only adding $0.36 per month, running at the lowest speed 24 hours a day. So even if you want long-term cooling, it won’t hike up your energy bill a lot.

A great idea for new homeowners

Thinking about giving someone a housewarming gift? For just $129.99, the Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan makes for a terrific option. It takes almost no time to clean, as the rear grill is removable, allowing you to clean it thoroughly without much hassle. It’ll take only 10 minutes to get it ready to use again. Give someone the gift of comfort or treat yourself and your family to the Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan.

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