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5 multi-use tools that can replace almost everything in your toolbox

Published Aug 9th, 2022 7:39AM EDT
Image: Maren Estrada for BGR

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Some people reading this have owned a house for 50 years. Others might’ve just moved into their first starter home. In either case, every homeowner has one thing in common: you’ll accumulate so many tools. What you might not realize is that some of the best tools on Amazon are multi-use tools that can replace so many things.

Accumulating tools doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, of course. But what happens when you can’t remember where you store something you need? What happens when you need something?

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It’s okay to admit that you’ve re-purchased the same tool on more than one occasion because you couldn’t find something. It has definitely happened to me before. But it’s less common these days because I finally decided to do something about all that clutter.

Instead of buying all your tools piecemeal over the years, smart homeowners might buy tool sets and multi-use tools that handle multiple tasks.

And perhaps the best part is the fact that these do-it-all sets actually end up saving you a fortune. Why? Because there are so many affordable options available on Amazon.

Some of the best tools on Amazon

The BGR Deals team dug through the deepest depths of Amazon’s Tools & Home Improvement department to find five tool sets in particular that will cover pretty much every single one of the common bases you want to cover.

It all starts out with two simple screwdriver sets, the first being the Nanch 22-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set for all your small jobs. It launched at $37.99, but then the retail price dropped to $30. Right now, it’s on sale for just $23.99.

Then you have the awesome $37 HORUSDY 44-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set that handles pretty much everything else, which is down to $29.90 right now. The former is easy to store in a drawer to it’s always accessible. And the latter can go on your workbench or wherever you have your main workspace set up.

The RoverTac 14-in-1 Multitool is also a must-have item, and it costs just $22.07 while it’s discounted. This little gizmo comes in handy all the time!

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got two tool sets that cost a little more money. But they both have so many essentials that would cost literally hundreds of dollars to buy separately. The Hi-Spec Tools 67 Piece Auto Mechanics Tool Kit is designed for auto mechanics, but it has everything you need for a million different tasks.

Then there’s the jar-owl Power Tool Set with 16.8V Cordless Drill, which is an awesome combo kit with a drill, bits, hammer, saw, pliers, wrenches, and so much more. All that for just $62.49 while it’s on sale!

Several of these awesome Amazon finds are on sale with discounts right now. That said, there’s no telling how long these deals will last. In other words, hurry up or you might miss out on some of the best tools on Amazon.

Nanch 22-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set

  • Set includes a universal screwdriver with 22 magnetic steel screwdriver bits made of high-quality alloy S2 steel that won’t rust
  • The screwdriver handle is telescopic, ergonomic, and comfortable — it also has a swivel base for ease of use
  • Use this great kit to repair electronics, laptops, smartphones, watches, eyeglasses, and so much more.
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HORUSDY 44-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set

  • These screwdrivers are made out of hardened chrome vanadium steel that has been tempered for increased durability
  • 44-piece set includes 17 different magnetic screwdrivers, 10 assorted bits, and 16 different hex keys
  • Color-coded screwdrivers make it easy to pick the one you need the first time and every time
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RoverTac 14-in-1 Multitool

  • This compact gadget is actually 14 different tools in one
  • It’s a hammer, axe, knife, pliers, saw, wrench, screwdriver, bottle opener, and so much more
  • Stainless steel construction is durable and rust-proof
  • Includes an upgraded nylon pouch for easy transport
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Hi-Spec Tools 67 Piece Auto Mechanics Tool Kit

  • Kit includes 67 different pieces to handle every job a mechanic might need, and more
  • Keep this compact toolbox in your trunk, under a seat, or anywhere else in your car for easy access at all times
  • Socket set includes all commonly used sizes you might need from 4mm to 19mm with 1/4 and 3/8in square drives
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jar-owl Power Tool Set with 16.8V Cordless Drill

  • Get all the tools you might need for repairs and maintenance in one great kit
  • Includes a 16.8V cordless drill for drilling and screws
  • All tools are made from durable steel alloy that is chrome-plated to resist wear and corrosion
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Maren Estrada Deals Editor

Maren Estrada has been the Editor of BGR Deals since it launched in 2013. She has more than 20 years of experience testing more than 1,500 products, and reviewing a wide range of consumer electronics including mobile devices, smart home products, computers, and home appliances.

Previously, she was a leading consultant specializing in copywriting, product development, and new product launches.