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Best Massage Ball

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A knot in your back — or anywhere else on your body, really — can be a surprisingly painful experience. This can be the direct product of not stretching enough, poor posture, or constant stress and tension. The good news is, there are ways to get rid of them. One of the simplest, and perhaps the cheapest, is using a massage ball to roll away the pain, so to speak. This simple treatment can not only remove knots, aches, and pains but also help prevent them. There are plenty of massage balls on the web that can help you feel young and able-bodied again — let’s go through some of the best of the best.

Best Massage Lacrosse Ball

Sometimes, simple methods are the most effective. A massage lacrosse ball certainly proves that notion. Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls, in particular, are adept at eliminating muscle knots and tension, due to their self-myofascial release. These trigger point therapy massage lacrosse balls are super easy to use — just lean on the massage ball and use your body weight and gravity to relieve knots, tension, and tight and sore muscles. They’re also super durable, as they’re made out of 100% rubber, and are great for travel and quick use throughout the day.

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Best Spiked Massage Ball

If you want to go in a different option — namely, a spiked massage ball, which can offer a stimulating effect while increasing circulation throughout your entire body — the Physix Gear Massage Ball is a great option. It can withstand up to 300 pounds of pressure and its portable design is great for office use or travel, as it’s much easier to transport than a traditional foam roller. Despite its small size, it’s great for relieving tension, spasms and knots. And while it’s still large enough to reach each knot, it’s small enough for comfortable use in bed. If you have any hesitancy in using it, the ball comes with a free e-guide to help you better understand the nuances of the device.

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Best Massage Ball for Your Back

Back pain is the most prevalent — not to mention the most susceptible to knots and intense pressure. A great massage ball for your back is the Manual Massage Ball Pain Relief Back Roller Massager by ZONGS. While this massage ball is great for upper back use, it’s also adept at relieving stress and tension around the head, shoulders, neck, arms, legs and foot area. Featuring a full 360° spin, this massage ball can enhance blood circulation, therefore improving overall health. It can even help you fall asleep faster when used before bed, making it a versatile option all around.

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